Sun Sensor Software Development for ESTCube-2

Tiit Vaino
The main objective of this thesis is to continue the development and tests of the Sun sensors. They will be used in space to determine the position of a 3-unit CubeSat called the ESTCube-2, which is developed in the University of Tartu, Tartu Observatory.
During this thesis, software for Sun sensor operation and control was created. The end product has a sampling speed of 64 Hz and a timestamp accuracy of at least 1 μs. These Sun sensors will increase the pointing accuracy and stability of the ESTCube-2 Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS), allowing the satellite’s two Earth Observation cameras to take high-quality pictures of Earth’s vegetation as well as work towards meeting the primary mission goal of testing the Electrostatic Plasma Brake (EPB).
First, the ESTCube-2 AOCS architecture will be introduced along with an explanation of why the Sun sensors are an essential part of it. Second, prior work on this topic will be outlined to indicate the basis and starting position of this thesis. Then the explanation of the Sun sensor requirements along with the goals set for the thesis will be introduced. Also, an overview is given of the new software design that was developed in the course of this thesis is presented. Finally, the thesis focuses on hardware and software testing that was completed throughout different development phases, as well as the analysis of results.
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Graduation Thesis type
Bachelor - Computer Science
Hans Teras, Kristo Allaje
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