Developing User-Generated Content Distribution Systems for Blastronaut Game

Toomas Treikelder
Maintaining the user base for a video game is a challenging task. Prior research has shown that enabling players to contribute their own content can help with the longevity of a game. The main goal of this thesis is developing a solution to support User-Generated Content (UGC) distribution in the video game Blastronaut. The thesis specifically focuses on distribution of game modifications. Tools for game content creation and distribution in other games are examined for reference. Subsequently, a new solution is built on top of pre-existing game data management logic in the game. The added content distribution solution is designed to allow players to download, create and publish content packages for Blastronaut as seamlessly as possible. To achieve this, the game’s data management logic is extended to support the concept of distinct content packages that can be installed, uninstalled, and shared. The Steam Workshop is used as a platform for the distribution of this content. An initial working solution is finished, and usability testing is conducted to gather feedback about the developed solution. It is concluded that the developed system is suitably intuitive to use but would need future work to make it production-ready. Potential issues with the solution are analysed, and concrete suggestions made for future development.
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Master - Software Engineering
Jaanus Jaggo
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