Analysis Templates for Identifying Improvement Opportunities Using Apromore

Nadiia Danylyshyn
One of the crucial assets that organizations possess is their business processes, which require continuous improvements to stay efficient. For companies to remain efficient, it is necessary to analyze processes, identify and address improvement opportunities. However, currently, there are no comprehensive guidelines for process analysts that will allow them to identify improvement opportunities from the event logs. The aim of this research is to develop analysis templates for identifying process improvement opportunities using Apromore. To fulfill this aim, 22 improvement opportunities that can be found using manual analysis of processes in Apromore were discovered from the analysis of academic papers. In order to understand how these improvement opportunities can be detected, content analysis of 129 BPIC submission reports was performed in addition to eliciting instructions from the other materials. Based on these, 21 templates were developed and evaluated. Therefore, the contribution of this thesis is templates that will help students and junior process analysts to easier identify improvement opportunities in the processes by manual analysis of event logs in Apromore.
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Master - Innovation and Technology Management
Fredrik Milani, Katsiaryna Lashkevich
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