Virtual Tour Game

Daniel Nael
This thesis gives an overview of the development of a web-based studying game called Virtual Tour Game. It was created for the University of Tartu’s course Evolution of Video Games. It offers a way for students to combine entertainment with learning through a virtual tour of a video game museum. One of the main goals was to create a fully automatic system that would assess the student and synchronize the results from the game with the Moodle learning environment. This thesis also features the development of the next iteration of the studying game. The purpose was to upgrade the game with virtual reality support. The web and virtual reality versions of the game were designed regarding the general principles in the field of game design. The game design and implementation of both versions of the game are described. Playtesting was done on users to discover issues, evaluate the usability of the game and compare which version of the game was more beneficial. Regarding the positive feedback from the test results, the game will be developed further in the future.
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Graduation Thesis type
Master - Software Engineering
Ulrich Norbisrath
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