Creating Homework Assignments with Supporting Tools for the University of Tartu Course “Object-Oriented Programming”

Anton Zakatov
Practice is one of the essential components of learning programming. To a large extent, practical skills are developed through solving homework assignments, especially in courses that use a flipped classroom approach. To motivate students to solve homework, exercises should be topical, clear, exciting and with reasonable complexity and quantity. It is also important to support learners who may experience difficulties in completing the exercises. Thus, this thesis focused on creating homework assignments, automatic tests and troubleshooters for four weeks of the course "Object-Oriented Programming" at the University of Tartu. The creation process took into account previous research in related fields. In order to assess the quality of the new homework assignments and supporting tools, course participants’ feedback was collected. Based on the opinions received, students were generally satisfied with the created didactic materials and tools.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Marina Lepp
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