Creation of a Digital Competence and Informatics Education Management System Based on the Example of Elva Gymnasium

Alari Talv
The digital competence and different levels of informatics knowledge and skills are very important today and especially in the future. In order to succeed in the labor market, it is also necessary to know how to combine knowledge from different fields. To achieve all this, a consistent, comprehensive and systematic approach is necessary starting with the first grade.
In this paper, the topic is approached through a specific school (Elva Gymnasium). The main problem is that there is no comprehensive overview of the content of teaching digital competence and informatics through different grade levels, which is important from the point of view of perspective and system development.
The aim of this paper is to create a system that includes the learning outcomes and topics related to digital competence and informatics and allows keeping track of the learning outcomes and topics selected for each grade level.
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Master - Conversion Master in IT
Riin Saadjärv
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