Alighting Estimation in Entry-only AFC Systems: A Case Study of Tartu City

Erald Keshi
For planning an efficient and ecological public transport network accurate understanding of citizens' mobility patterns is essential. A deep understanding of these mobility patterns can only be achieved through the analysis of both boarding and alighting trip information. Automatic fare collection (AFC) systems have become a popular data source for public transportation research, but entry-only AFC systems, including the one used in Tartu, do not capture critical data such as alighting stations or alighting times. This limits the creation of origin-destination matrices and gaining insights such as bus occupancy rate and peak hours. Probabilistic estimation methods are one approach that could be used to tackle this limitation. The contribution of this thesis is the exploration, development and comparison of different methods for estimating alighting information from entry-only AFC systems. These methods can be used to fill the gaps in data and provide more comprehensive insights into the usage patterns of public transportation, informing better decision-making processes related to route and schedule planning.
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Master - Software Engineering
Mozhgan Pourmoradnasseri, Amnir Hadachi
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