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Master (107)
Aavik Lichettey Creating a Software Product for the Cost-benefit Analysis of Sustainable Investment (Using the Example of an Industrial Company Investing in IoT Applications) PDF Details
Abakumova Viktoriia A Metrics-based Approach for Evaluating the Quality of Microservices-based Systems PDF Details
Agalakepu Watthegedara Marasinghe Hashika Dhananjanie Few-Shot Prompt-Tuning of Language Models for App Review Classification: An Evaluation Study PDF Details
Agu Kristel Extraction of Psychosis Prodromal Symptoms from Medical Texts for Training Dataset Creation PDF Details
Altmäe Robert Performance Feedback for Cable Machine Strength Exercises Using Smartphone’s Inertial Data PDF Details
Annilo Agnes Exploring SQL-based Near-realtime Conformance Checking Using Stream Processing Engines PDF Details
Avramenko Maksym LLM-based Interface for Data-Driven Waiting Time Analysis of Business Processes PDF Details
Bakhshiyev Tofig Hard and Soft Tuning of Spark Ecosystem Toward Query Energy Efficiency PDF Details
Bektas Mert An Approach for Generating Realistic Synthetic Transaction Data PDF Details
Chung Chenghan Audio Transformations Based Explanations (ATBE) for Deep Learning Models Trained on Musical Data PDF Details
Dalbina Laima Anna Simulation-based Safety Testing of an Automated Driving System (ADS) PDF Details
Eeskivi Ene Updating Cascading Style Sheets Learning Materials for the Course "Web Development" PDF Details
Ehrlich Enn Remotely Managed Monitoring Device Based on ESP32 PDF Details
Ekeh Ijeoma Faustina A Recommendation Model for Security Risk Management in Car-Sharing Scenarios PDF Details
Elemosho Toluwani Mathew Analysing Model Attacks in Machine Learning Pipeline PDF Details
Fedorenko Dmytro Stacks of Gold: Utilizing GANs to Enhance 3D Microscopy Imaging Data PDF Details
Ghazal Ali Mohamed Mohamed Abouelmaaty Zero-shot Machine Unlearning Using GANs PDF Details
Hallikas Rain Multivocal Literature Review on Data Quality Challenges in Data Pipelines PDF Extras Details
Hankov Monica The Selection of Performance Management Software in Public Sector on the Example of the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency PDF Details
Hõbemägi Andri Sales Forecasting Based on Economic Indicators for a Construction Company PDF Details
Ilus Gervin Estonian Text Problem Generator and Solver PDF Details
Islam Md. Rashadul Bluetooth-based Tracking Devices: Extraction and Analysis of Digital Forensic Artifacts from Android Applications PDF Details
Jõgi Andres Quantitative Analysis on Vulnerability to Electronic Business Identity Theft Among Estonian Companies PDF Details
Kadalipp Kaspar Knowledge Graphs for Cataloging and Making Sense of Smart City Data PDF Details
Kaimre Joosep Proficiency and Usage of AI in an Introductory Object-Oriented Programming Course PDF Details
Käiro Kairi Identification of Drug Side Effects Based on Prescription Data PDF Extras Details
Kalmus Jan-Erik Educator Perspective of Barriers to Generative AI Adoption in Estonian Higher Education Using an IRT-TOE Based Model PDF Details
Karu Laura Game Programming Module for Secondary School with Python PyGame PDF Details
Klamas Anneli Quiz Converter: the Tool for Creating Quizzes in Coursera and Moodle PDF Details
Koido Kati Occurrence of Adult Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder in Estonia in 2013–2019 Based on Health Information Data PDF Details
Koit Kadri Describing the Requirements of the Estonian Information Security Standard (E-ITS) in Public Procurements PDF Details
Korobenko Daria Towards Privacy- and Security-Aware Framework for AI Ethics PDF Details
Kuklane Anette Maria Data Mesh for Financial Service Providers PDF Details
Külaots Erki Two-Party Multi-Point Function Secret Sharing PDF Details
Kurg Silver Design and Development of Data Warehouse: A Case Study of Aktsiaselts Kihnu Veeteed PDF Details
Kuusk Carel Hierarchical Forecasting Methods in Day-Ahead Electricity Consumption Forecasting PDF Details
Loorits Brandon Preliminary Analysis of Corporate Sustainability Based on Annual Reports: A Case Study of Companies on the Baltic Market PDF Details
Mägi Grete The Consumption of Interacting Drugs with Bleeding Risk in Estonia from 2012 to 2019 and Related Bleeding Incidents PDF Details
Mammadli Gulnar Compiling GitHub Actions Into Datalog PDF Details
Mammadov Ziya GPU-accelerated Domain Decomposition Methods for Helmholtz Equation PDF Extras Details
Manaiev Glib Medical Image Classification with Limited Data PDF Details
Marasinghe Marasinghe Mudiyanselage Rasinthe Systematic Evaluation of Trustworthy AI Augmentation in Modern Applications PDF Details
Markus Kerli Awareness of Phishing Attacks: A Case Study of Balt-Hellin OÜ Employees PDF Details
Merila Li Cross-Lingual Misinformation Detection: Aligning English and Estonian Fake Health News PDF Details
Metelitsa Mait A Functional Prototype and General Architecture of Analytic Data Management for a Railway Company PDF Details
Miadzieles Edgar Digital Twin and Blockchain-Driven Firmware Updates for the Internet of Vehicles PDF Details
Miller Kristiina Comparison of Data from the Health Information System and the Health Insurance Fund in the Period of 2012-2019 by Patients, Diagnoses, Types of Treatment and Health Service Providers PDF Details
Mitt Allan Creation of Digital Twin for Tartu PDF Details
Molodtsov Fillip An Integrated Usability Framework for Evaluating Open Government Data Portals: Comparative Analysis of EU and GCC Countries PDF Extras Details
Moskalenko Veronika Compliance by Design for Robo Advisors: A Case Study of SEB Robo Advisor PDF Details
Murashko Serhii Discovery and Simulation of Business Process with Multiple Data Attributes and Conditions PDF Details
Nagashibayeva Dariya Understanding Gender Related Discussions in Android Mobile Applications Through Reddit PDF Extras Details
Nesipoglu Devrim Comparison of Toxicity Among Female and Male Active Politicians in Social Media PDF Details
Nigol Ines Anett Crossword Solver Based on Estonian Language Resources PDF Details
Obembe David Damola Conversational Interface for Process Mining Tools Using Large Language Models (LLMs) PDF Details
Paas Alar Testing Wireless Security Alarm Systems from the Estonian Market PDF Details
Paas Margus Application of Requirements Engineering Methods in Agile Development Process and Creation of a Combined Tool for This Purpose PDF Extras Details
Pabat Nataliia Security Risk Management in Teleoperated Driving PDF Details
Pajoma Pirgit The Use of Blockchain in Public e-services on the Example of Estonia PDF Details
Pajuleht Roland A Comperative Study of Database Schema on Query Performance in Data Warehousing PDF Details
Pashchenko Dmytro Paragraph-Level Translation of Low-Resource Finno-Ugric Languages PDF Details
Pham Thi Song Huong Fault-Tolerant Distributed Database for Public Key Infrastructure PDF Details
Pilve Karl-Johan Lane Centerline Detection from Orthophotos using Transformer Networks PDF Details
Põlluäär Rauno Designing and Implementing a Bird’s-eye View Interface for a Self-driving Vehicle’s Teleoperation System PDF Details
Praks Joonas Anomaly Detection and Imputation for Tartu Traffic Sensors PDF Details
Puudist Eerik Sven Identification of Character Traits Associated with Successful Weight Loss PDF Details
Püvi Oliver Optimisation of Battery Energy Storage System in the Estonian Energy Markets PDF Details
Pyvovar Pavlo Short-term Traffic Forecasting Using Graph Neural Networks on Taxi Data PDF Details
Rajamäe-Soosaar Katrin Barriers and Enablers of Open Data Provision and Usage: The Case of Estonian municipalities PDF Details
Rapur Karl Analysis of Collaboration Dynamics in Hackathons: Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Methods PDF Details
Raud Merlin The Influence of Infrastructure to Cyclist Route Choice in Bologna PDF Details
Riazantsev Kyrylo Study on GitOps Paradigms PDF Details
Rips Karolin Interaction Between the Effects of Genetic Risk Score and Mental Health Disorders on Cardiovascular Disease Risk PDF Details
Rõõm Rimmo Distinguishing Bacteria from Fluorometer Spectra Using Machine Learning PDF Details
Rudi Eduard Generating Lexical Relations with Large Pre-trained Language Models PDF Details
Rull Herman Towards Practical Privacy-preserving Data Analysis with Intel TDX-based Sharemind HI PDF Details
Saarela Uuna Susanna Practical Zero-Knowledge within the European Digital Identity Framework: Implementing Privacy-Preserving Identity Checks PDF Details
Saarnik Taaniel Leveraging the First Futamura Projection for Large-scale Rule Parallelisation in an Industrial Datalog Engine PDF Details
Saarse Kermo Generalizing Healthcare Events Using Word Vectors PDF Details
Sammul Kadi Constraint Solving via Combined Widening and Narrowing in Coq PDF Extras Details
Sats Sander Large Language Models for Control System Code Analysis PDF Details
Sedykh Ekaterina Imagining Infinity: Endless CT Datasets through Conditional Diffusion Models PDF Details
Shvetsov Dmytro Weakly Supervised Segmentation in Medical Imaging: A Counterfactual Approach PDF Details
Sild Ami Analysis of Psoriasis Comorbidities Using Cox Regression PDF Details
Siur Yuliia Prosumer Net Consumption Forecasting: The Impact of Behind-the-Meter Self-Consumption and Weather Forecast PDF Extras Details
Skliarov Mykyta A Comparative Evaluation of Explainability Techniques for Image Data PDF Details
Sowinska Katarzyna Development and Analysis of a Crowdsourced Safety Map: User Input Study in Barcelona PDF Details
Sudlerd Alicia UE5 Flair's Integration – UI, Shaders, and Image Algorithms for NPR PDF Extras Details
Suik Oliver-Erik Generalising Health Events by Using Frequent Itemset Mining PDF Details
Talvet Annika Discretization and Analysis of Laboratory Tests PDF Details
Tamm Kaili Obstacles of Implementing Personalized State in Estonia PDF Details
Tamm Tauno Creation and Analysis of the Estonian Subreddit Corpus PDF Details
Tiirik Talis Application of Notifications for Business Process Optimization PDF Details
Tsiporenko Illia Going Beyond U-Net: Assessing Vision Transformers for Semantic Segmentation in Microscopy Image Analysis PDF Details
Tuberik Lea Analysis of the Workload of Case Managers in the Prison Service and Dashboard Creation PDF Details
Tudavekar Ojus Virendra Blockchain and Digital Twin-based Approach for Securing Water Supply Infrastructure PDF Details
Uibo Asso Creating a Dashboard for Estonian Regional Economic Data Visualization PDF Details
Vaiciukevičius Donatas Every Click Counts: Deep Learning Models for Interactive Segmentation in Biomedical Imaging PDF Details
Vainikko Martin Estonian Synthetic Error Generation by Prompting for Grammatical Error Correction PDF Details
Vaino Tiit Anomaly Detection in CDR-Based Trajectories of the Mobile Cellular Network PDF Details
Valgre Magnus Evaluating Cybersecurity Capabilities: Organisations' Perspective PDF Details
Vana Anne Business Analysis of the Work Management System PDF Details
Vesilind Liina Understanding Toxicity of Estonian Politicians Facebook Posts Comments PDF Details
Vilder Kadri Updating Learning Materials for the Course „Web Page Creation for Advanced Users“ (LTAT.03.015) PDF Details
Vinogradov Egert Quality Control of Laboratory Analysis Cleaning Workflow PDF Extras Details
Wijayarathne Arachchige Thamasha Rasangi Customer-Centric Business Process Improvement and Redesign PDF Extras Details
Yarish Dzvenymyra-Marta Predicting the Molecular Mechanisms of Genetic Variants PDF Details
Bachelor (126)
Aava Greete Kelli R-package for Survival Analysis on OMOP CDM Databases PDF Details
Adams Janely Developing Website to Company Nathan’s Services OÜ PDF Details
Ahvenainen Marilin Creating a Generative AI-Based Experiment Environment for Investigating Beliefs PDF Details
Alliksaar Alexis Integrating PyCharm with the Programming course PDF Details
Alumets Andres Bebras Challenge Results Analysis PDF Details
Anvelt Alvar VeeRa Users’ Standpoints Towards Cloud-based Software and Security Issues PDF Details
Asso Ester Web Application for an Anagram Game in Estonian PDF Details
Bahhir Nikita Positioning Using WiFi PDF Details
Bluum Andra Identification of Disease Episodes in Acute and Chronic Phase Diseases PDF Details
Eistre Taavi Development of a Web-Based Linux Command-Line Learning Environment PDF Extras Details
Haavasalu Epp CoOpeRace Tool Development PDF Details
Hain Holden Karl Integration of Central Authorizations Management Information System Pääsuke on the Example of Patient Safety Database PDF Details
Hani Mihkel Automated Grading System: The DevOps Course Use Case PDF Details
Heikla Mia Marta Automatic Division of Presentations into Sessions for Scientific Conferences PDF Extras Details
Ilves Viljam Biome Hazard Creation for Blastronaut Game PDF Details
Ingerma Katariina Exploring the Human-like Ability of LLMs in Recognizing Self-generated Text PDF Details
Iouriev Ketly Creating a Website for Waba Technologies OÜ PDF Details
Jaansoo Egert Creating a Website for Omare OÜ PDF Details
Järv Pihla Application for Grading Array Algorithms PDF Extras Details
Jesmin Kaspar Development of a Tool Providing Weather Data for Renewable Energy Prediction Models PDF Extras Details
Joala Kersti Self-assessment and Exam Tests for the Course „Introduction to Programming“ PDF Details
Jõelo Pirjo Automating Classification of Disengagements using FoxGlove PDF Extras Details
Judin Ronald Widening Operators in the Abstract Interpretator Goblint PDF Details
Juudas Tauri Creating an e-Commerce Store to Sell AI-generated Digital Images PDF Details
Kaha Maria Anett Language Game “Tunne sihitist” Using Estonian Language Resources PDF Details
Kangro Külli Web Application for Analysing SQL Query Errors in PostgreSQL Log Files for the Course „Databases“ PDF Details
Kansi Krister Creating a Website for Hiiumaa Tervisekeskus OÜ PDF Details
Kapp Karoli Poetry Automatic Generation PDF Details
Kasemetsa Anne-Mari Gender Differences in Final Grades in Computer Science Courses at the University of Tartu PDF Details
Kask Vallo Analysis of the Results of the Bebras Challenge Held During the Emergency Situation PDF Details
Keskküla Martin Hans Developing an E-commerce Platform for the Estonian Market PDF Details
Kisel Hannes Hendrik Common Information Models Used in Microgrids and Their Applicability PDF Details
Kliimask Kevin Automated Tagging of Datasets to Improve Data Findability on Open Government Data Portals PDF Details
Koduvere Karm Steinnriki – a 2D Vertical City-Building Game PDF Extras Details
Koni Laura Creating a Website for Võrtsukala OÜ PDF Details
Konsa Charleen Clustering Patients' Drug Usage Based on ATC Codes PDF Details
Koobas Laura Analysis of Old Software and Creation of Video Materials for the Computer Museum at the University of Tartu PDF Details
Kovalevski Maarja Creating a Website for Gala RMP OÜ PDF Details
Kreegipuu Artur Creation of Materials to Teach Data Science via Self-Driving PDF Details
Kreinin Iris Designing a User Interface for the "Experience-based Usability Analysis Method" Application PDF Details
Kukk Veronika The Effects of Input and Temperature of GPT Model on Labeling Medical Data PDF Details
Kuldmaa Karl Olaf Development of an Application Program for the „Experience-based Analysis Method“ PDF Details
Kupri Jaan Topics of Fact-Checking on Twitter Community Notes PDF Details
Kuuse Simon Fox Studying bias in Twitter (X) Community Notes PDF Details
Laikoja Karl-Magnus Automatic Description of the Human Face in Natural Estonian and English Languages PDF Details
Lepik Marek Landing Page for Blastronaut PDF Details
Lepmets Belinda Long-Term Prediction of Continuous Health Measurements PDF Details
Leppik Rando Creating a Web Application for Tööleidja PDF Details
Lill Kristofer Estonian Listening Games PDF Details
Luude Eva Analysis of the Course “Object-Oriented Programming” Group Projects PDF Details
Lüüsi Lauri Political Stance Detection in Estonian News Media PDF Details
Mägi Artur Hendrik Creating a Web-Based Automata Learning Tool for the Course “Automata, Languages and Compilers” PDF Details
Malva Sten Marcus Exploring and Implementing Estonian Text Simplification Using Machine Learning PDF Details
Männil Markus Wave Function Collapse Algorithm Plugin for Godot Game Engine PDF Details
Maripuu Stina-Marie Creating Java Study Materials for Secondary School Level PDF Details
Mihhailov Mihhail Using a Dialogue System Based on Natural Language Processing in a Video Game PDF Extras Details
Miljan Aron Eric Creating a Website for Kart Baltic Group OÜ PDF Details
Möls Ilmar The Analysis of the Effectiveness of Fiery Semantic Segmentation Model PDF Details
Mumme Karl Surveillance System for Additional Security of Tactical Objects PDF Details
Nelson Sten Marcus Testing and Optimising Synchronous Translation from English to Estonian PDF Details
Notberg Edvard Automated Assessments of Student Programs in Programming Courses PDF Details
Õim Aksel Formal Proof of the Push-relabel Algorithm in Coq PDF Extras Details
Ontin Aleksander Creating of Exercises and Troubleshooters for the Course “Introduction to Programming II” at the University of Tartu PDF Details
Orasmäe Joosep Developing a Logging Framework and a Web App Using the Rust Programming Language PDF Details
Orav Marti Energy Efficient Management of a Computer Park PDF Details
Paavel Kristjan Transaction Labeling, Identifying Specific Transfers of Concern PDF Details
Pakina Vanda Creating Introductory Teaching Materials for the Course "Creating WWW Pages" PDF Details
Pallase Alo Martin Modernizing a Monolithic Business Application Using Cloud Services: A Case Study of the Estonian Forest Registry PDF Details
Pärismaa Anett Researching the Patterns of Estonian Language Passwords and Compiling a Password Dictionary PDF Details
Pärn Priit The User Interface of the System for Creating Automatic Checks PDF Details
Parts Uku Assessing the Security of a Smart Lock PDF Details
Päslane Erik A Personal Website for Entrepreneur PDF Details
Pastarus Tanel Preparing Text Data for Training Large Language Models PDF Details
Peedosk Ilona Comparative Analysis of the European Union Digital Operational Resilience Act Based on Information Security Standard ISO/IEC 27001 PDF Details
Petnjunas Evaldas GobExec: Benchmarking Framework for Program Analysis Tools PDF Details
Piirisild Riko Creating a Training Program for Analysing the Defensive Play in the Card Game Bridge PDF Details
Pommer Rait Reusing Old Computer for Homeserver and Creating Do It Yourself Tutorials PDF Details
Porovarde Kris Mapping Problems in the Estonian Open Data Portal and Creating a Data Analytics Dashboard PDF Details
Presnov Erik Playthrough Simulator for Graph Algorithms PDF Details
Puksberg Olga Scrabble-like Browser Game in Estonian PDF Details
Randmaa Andre Täherik, a Language Game to Improve Estonian Vocabulary Skills PDF Details
Ranne Felix Effects of Introducing Test Automation to the Software Development Process PDF Details
Reimand Liis Digital Transformation of Business Processes on the Example of AS Terminal PDF Details
Reiter Tobias Converting Tests from Text Document to Structural Shape PDF Details
Roomet Mihkel Thesis Writing Simulator - A Choice-Driven Life Simulation Game PDF Extras Details
Ross Cardo Kenten Modernization of Lõhnakas OÜ Website PDF Details
Saaresalu Siim A Web-Based Application for Estimating the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Estonian Organisations PDF Details
Säde Krettel Kristin Developing Interactive Tools and Server Architecture for Stock Financial Analysis Web Application PDF Details
Samasev Karolina Updating the Materials of General Interest for the MOOC "About Programming" PDF Details
Sarap Enrique Creation of a New Collection of Reading Materials and Self-control Exercises for the Course ,,Introduction to Programming’’ PDF Details
Saska Sander Automatic Detection of Morphological Inflection Types PDF Details
Seisler Olaf Daniel DJI Consumer Drone Detector Based on Digital Signal Processing Techniques PDF Details
Sepp Renno Input Generation for Tree and Heap Algorithms PDF Details
Sergeeva Aleksandra Comprehensive Survey of Smart Home Technologies PDF Details
Sillat Beata Automated Grading and Grade Uploading in Moodle Environment: A "Computer Security" Case Study PDF Details
Soosaar Karro Analysing the User Experience of Lahendus Environment in an Entry-level Programming Course PDF Details
Šramova Diana A Survey of Machine Learning Methods and their Applicability for Security Analysis PDF Details
Susi Villem Real-time Pet Identification Using Computer Vision on a Raspberry Pi PDF Details
Tabas Vidrik Toom Web Application in Estonian for Checking Drug Interactions PDF Details
Taevere Mehis Benchmarking an Underwater Optical Communication System PDF Details
Taivere Anette Testing the Visual Studio Code GobPie Extension PDF Details
Tamm Karl Kristjan Software Tools for Mixture Analysis PDF Details
Tamm Tarvi Chatbot Usage for Educational Purposes Among University of Tartu Students PDF Details
Tamme Jaagup Analysis of the Learning Outcomes in the Course "Databases" in Different Aspects PDF Details
Tammin Anna Maria Fine-tuning GPT-3.5 for Medical Named Entity Recognition PDF Details
Tars Teele Asymptotic Bounds on the Length of Functional Batch and PIR Codes PDF Details
Teemus Hugo Martin Real-time Visualization of Delta Centre’s Study and Research Building Data PDF Extras Details
Telliskivi Kevin Computer Vision Programming Module Creation with Python OpenCV for Secondary School PDF Extras Details
Tiks Mihkel Further Work on a Causally Consistent Reversible Debugger for MPI Applications PDF Details
Tolli Karina Implementing GitHub Copilot Chat in Web Development: A Practical Comparison with Human Developer Work PDF Extras Details
Truu Sander Tool-Supported Privacy Analysis of Smart Parking PDF Details
Truuts Rene Aleksander Overlook of Microsoft Power BI and PostgreSQL Integration and Creating a Study Material PDF Extras Details
Unn Albert Developing the Ability to Communicate for SemuBot, a Social Humanoid Robot PDF Details
Uutar Mihkel Beyond Worst-Case Complexity of the Simplex Method PDF Details
Vahtre Alo Revamping Rotalia Fraternity's Intranet PDF Details
Vainult Marten ESP32 Based Mesh Network Solution for Managing Practical Lessons PDF Details
Välja Julius Assessing the Quality of Counterfactual Explanations with Large Language Models PDF Details
Vallner Hanna Web Application for Organizing Spotify Playlists PDF Details
Valo Raiko Injecting Inputs Over Internet Connections PDF Details
Valt Sander Analysis of the Relationships Between F1 Qualification and Final Race Results Using Machine Learning Methods on the Example of the Ten Most Popular Circuits of All Time PDF Details
Västrik Priidik Meelo Music Accompaniment Generation Using a Conditional Generative Adversarial Network PDF Details
Veismann Jennifer The Spine: An Efficient Two-level Dynamic B-Tree with Fast Selection PDF Details
Vendelin Martin Analysis of the Course „Databases“ Projects PDF Details
Veski Rasmus Moorits Measuring Human Preferences in Counterfactual Explanations PDF Details
Voor Risto Third-party Libraries Security Tools Analysis and Improvements PDF Details
Vorontcov Savelii Effects of Data Distributions and Distance Measures in Representational Similarity Analysis PDF Details
Master (2)
Hook Joosep Data Analysis and Machine Learning for Financial Insights PDF Details
Kohv Kea Data Analysis and Machine Learning for Financial Insights PDF Details