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Master (127)
Abbasov Ashraf Text Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Precision Agriculture PDF Details
Abbasov Jeyhun Resource Optimization with DRL-driven Real Time Service Placement Strategy in Edge-Cloud Continuum PDF Details
Abdumalikov Rustam Parameter-efficient Fine-tuning in Reading Comprehension PDF Details
Açıkalın Aral Collecting and Using a Labeled Dataset of NATO Mission Task Symbols to Improve and Benchmark Detection Models PDF Details
Ahmadova Narmin The Internet of Things in Financial Industry PDF Details
Ahmed Ashfaq Hussain Harnessing Blockchain and Digital Twin for Security Risk Assessment in Internet of Vehicles PDF Details
Aktug Sarp Analysis of iOS Jailbreak and Jailbreak-Enabling Vulnerabilities PDF Details
Altmets Anna-Liisa Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 on People’s Perception of Travel Safety by Analysing Tweets PDF Details
Ando Daichi An Approach for Designing Microservice-Based Applications using a Domain-Driven Design Approach and Clean Architecture Principles PDF Extras Details
Aru Liina Evaluation of Software Solutions: A Comparative Study of Off-the-Shelf versus Tailor Made Systems for Professional Associations PDF Details
Baltramaitis Lukas Activity-Oriented Causal Process Mining: An End-to-End Approach Utilizing Ylearn PDF Details
Baranin Ingvar Predicting Crop Yield from Pre-Harvest Satellite Imagery PDF Details
Bassey Iwada Eja Blockchain in Edge - Cloud Computing Continuum PDF Details
Berx Jonas Pieter G. Business Process Optimisation of Differentiated Resources PDF Details
Bobkov Rasmus Design and Implementation of an Incremental ELT Pipeline for a Jira Data Warehouse using Data Vault 2.0 Methodology and HP Vertica PDF Details
Botchorishvili Lana Visualising Prescriptive Process Monitoring Output PDF Details
Chan Wai Tik Emergent Theory of Mind (ToM) from Token Merging PDF Details
Chernetskyi Volodymyr Container-Based Microservice Placement Optimization in Cloud PDF Details
Chiarelli Alessandro Securing the Bridges Between Two Worlds: A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain Oracles Security PDF Details
Chizhov Pavel Self-Supervised Image Denoising Using Transformers PDF Details
Darekar Amey Chandrakant Predicting Next Best Action(s) To Improve Sales Metrics For Pipedrive Customers PDF Details
Das Rajan Raj Towards Auto-Scaling of Serverless Data Pipelines PDF Details
Dias Braian Olmiro Content Based Analysis of Compositionality in Vision Transformers PDF Details
Fadayini Timothy Iyanuoluwa A Visual Editor for the Declare Process Modelling Language PDF Extras Details
Grjaznov Kirill Prediction of Solar Panels Productivity PDF Details
Grukhal Artem Data Acquisition and Preparation Toolbox for Cumulocity-based Solutions PDF Details
Halas Yana The Metaverse in the Financial Sector PDF Details
Halenok Iryna Business Process Simulation with Differentiated Resources PDF Details
Hashimli Mir Jalal Automated Variant Analysis for Business Process Improvement PDF Details
Heilmann Ando Improving Production Processes Using an ERP System - the Case of Artproof OÜ PDF Details
Hewashy Mohga Soliman Emam Financial Fraud Detection: A Declarative Approach PDF Details
Hlebnikov Tõnis Hendrik Evaluating CodeQL for Automated Runtime Complexity Approximation PDF Extras Details
Holm Johannes AdherenceFromOMOP: A Software Package for Secondary Adherence Measurement on OMOP Standardized Health Data PDF Details
Holter Karoliine Adapting an Alarm Repositioning Algorithm to Data Races PDF Extras Details
Hõrrak Kristo Environmental Data Asset and Report Generation Management System PDF Details
Jääts Karl How Well Could Have Existing Static Vulnerability Detection Tools Pre-vented Publicly Reported Vulnerabilities in iOS Open Source Packages? PDF Details
Jakobson Kaja Completion and Automation of the Full Cost Model on the Example of Tallinn University of Technology PDF Details
Jõgi Änn Usability Evaluation of NutriData Dietary Analysis Program PDF Details
Käära Mario Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Ensure Safer Work Environments in Estonia PDF Details
Kakk Martti Developing Automated Tests in Databases Course for Giving Feedback to Students PDF Details
Kaliuzhnyi Denys Reducing the Effect of Incomplete Annotations in Object Detection for Histopathology PDF Details
Kallasmaa Karl-Gustav Personalized Concept-based Image Classification Explanation Framework PDF Details
Kallaste Peter How Do Developers Update Dependencies in iOS Libraries? PDF Details
Käosaar Kristofer Analysis of Common User Flows in Open-Source Android Applications PDF Details
Karimova Karina Enhancement of iOS Application Accessibility: Automation of Testing and Guidelines PDF Details
Karlson Magnus Automatic Description of Pictures in Estonian PDF Details
Kasepuu Raivo Music Augmentation Usage in Music Genre Classification Models PDF Details
Keps Kristiina Web Application for Studying Programming at the Second and Third School Level PDF Details
Keshi Erald Alighting Estimation in Entry-only AFC Systems: A Case Study of Tartu City PDF Details
Kirotar Carolin Different Forms of Learning and Their Relationship with Learning Outcomes Using the Example of the "Object-Oriented Programming" Course PDF Details
Kolberg Peep Expression Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis in Single-Cell RNA- Sequencing Data PDF Details
Kolomiiets Denys A Competitive Scenario Forecaster using XGBoost and Gaussian Copula PDF Extras Details
Kõverik Karl-Kristjan NATO Standard Mission Task Symbols Pose Detection Based on Symbol Requirements PDF Details
Kraavi Triin Data-Driven Process Analysis: Case Study of Labour Market Training Using Process Mining PDF Details
Krupovych Denys Deblurring of Microscopic 3D Spheroid Images Using GANs PDF Details
Krylov Aleksandr Segmentation of Fungal Cells from Multiplane Brightfield Microscopy Images PDF Details
Kuningas Kristiina Estimating Concordance Between Measured and Predicted Genetic Variant Effects on Chromatin Accessibility PDF Details
Kütt Rene Plagiarism Detection Tool for Programming Activity Logs PDF Details
Kvirikashvili Ketevani Study of Cyber-aggressive Behavior on Social Media PDF Details
Lastovko Ivan Joint Embeddings for Voices and Their Textual Descriptions PDF Details
Lehes Lisanna Understanding Public and Leaders’ Opinion about Russo-Ukrainian War through Social Media Platforms: An Estonian Case Study PDF Details
Lehesaar Veronika Study of Computer Science in the 3rd School Level Based on Schools from Tartu County and Valga County PDF Details
Leung Kin Long A Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure for Trust Management in X-Road PDF Details
Lindpere Maive Bottlenecks in the Analysis of Clinical Indicators: the Need to Provide Unified Ambulance Statistics in Estonia. PDF Details
Lohvina Anhelina Table2Cell: Generating Realistic Nuclei Images from Numeric Properties for Data Compression PDF Details
Maala Silver Adding eMRTD Authentication Support to the Web eID Project PDF Extras Details
Mäesalu Terje Identification of Requirements for a Study-related Data Protection Application Using an Agent-oriented Goal Model PDF Details
Mägi Erik Georeferenced Visual SLAM PDF Details
Maidla Marge Utilising Machine Learning and RFM Analysis for Customer Retention in an Online Grocery Delivery Startup PDF Details
Mammadli Chingiz A Systematic Review of Traceability in Requirements Engineering of Socio-technical Systems: Industrial Practices and Needs PDF Details
Manafov Matin Digital Twin Technology for Financial Industry PDF Details
Männik Kert From Legacy to Microservices: A Case Study on Automatic Investment at LHV PDF Details
Martinsaari Heidi Carolina Toward an Automated Data Quality Rule Detection in Data Warehouses PDF Details
Moor Marilin "FiBar": a Tool for Automated Analysis of Complex Biomaterials from Microscopy Images PDF Details
Mõtshärg Eva Design and Analysis of a 3D Printable Chassis for the Open Source Educational Robot Robotont PDF Details
Murumaa Maria Pibilota Designing a Security Sensitive Self-assessment Framework PDF Extras Details
Napa Marta Quantum Computing in the Financial Sector PDF Details
Niidas Peeter Debunking Characterization of Fact-checking Articles PDF Details
Niit Raul Adapting the BERT Model to Estonian Language PDF Details
Niklus Teo From Information Systems Development Need to Solution - Analysis of the Requirements for Tools to Support the Development Process, on the Example of the Ministry of Defence’s Area of Government PDF Details
Nikolaeva Elizaveta Analyzing the Solar Energy Potential of Smart Cities PDF Details
Ogundeyi Kehinde Esther Design of a Chatbot to Provide Companionship for Older Adults with Depression PDF Details
Ojasalu Siim-Morten Reconstruction of a Monolithic Application within Maksekeskus AS PDF Details
Oluyide Olumide Olugbenga Causality Management and Analysis in Requirement Manuscript for Software Designs PDF Details
Oras Lohe Anna Job Descriptions and Training Materials for Fire Support Software „Tooru“ for K9 Self-propelled Howitzer Crews PDF Details
Pällo Arnel Measuring Testis Tubule Wall Thickness in Histopathology Images PDF Details
Plans Mathias Shape Grammar Editor PDF Extras Details
Ploychareon Siritorn Implementing SCOR Model and BPM Techniques to Improve B2B E-commerce KPIs PDF Extras Details
Pohla Triin Toxicity in Google Play Store: What, Where and Why? PDF Details
Punnar Markus Experimental Integration of the Smart-ID Service Into Intel SGX Enclaves PDF Details
Purason Taido Efficient Use of Pre-trained NMT Models Through Mixing and Matching PDF Details
Qu Zhaosi Back-end of Kairos: A Prescriptive Process Monitoring Tool PDF Details
Rahu Ida Machine Learning for Assessing Toxicity of Chemicals Identified with Mass Spectrometry PDF Details
Rao Karina Produce Quality and Pesticide Residue Estimation Using Light Sensing PDF Details
Raudsep Teet The Selection of the Information System for the Collection and Analysis of the Data Necessary for the Sustainability Report for Forus Grupp PDF Details
Ribas Brito Eduardo Towards Decentralized Proof-of-Location PDF Details
Rozgonjuk Dmitri Towards Automated Machine Learning: Hyperparameter Optimization in Online Clustering PDF Extras Details
Rüüsak Kaarel Minesweeper With Friends – An Immersive Multiplayer Puzzle Game PDF Extras Details
Sagris Valentina Semi-automatic Generation of Lanelet2 Maps for Autonomous Driving PDF Details
Saks Egle Determining Estonian Usual Residents Using Machine Learning Methods PDF Details
Salamov Musa Process Mining on Estonian Healthcare Data PDF Details
Seiler Brice Michael Christian Vulnerability of Wi-Fi-enabled Devices to KRACK Attacks – A Case Study PDF Details
Shirinov Adil Web 3.0 in the Financial Industry PDF Details
Shrestha Monika Emotion-oriented Game-based Fitness App for Diabetes Patients PDF Details
Siimon Õie Renata Patient Treatment Trajectories Using Vector Embeddings PDF Details
Sipelgas Karmen Opportunities for Optimizing Business Processes at Private Hobby School Knowledge Centre Collegium Eruditionis through Information Technology Solutions PDF Details
Sipilä Heikki Santeri Scalability Assessment in Blockchain-enabled IoT Applications PDF Details
Srivastava Prakhar Optics-free Image Classification with Deep Metric Learning PDF Details
Sügis Kadri Composition of the Secondary School Facultative Course “Land Surveying Practice” PDF Details
Surrage Reis Mateus Profiler Improvements for the Godot Game Engine PDF Extras Details
Suvorau Ihar Scaling Out the Discovery of Business Process Simulation Models from Event Logs PDF Details
Syzonov Oleksandr Revising Fuzzy Genetic Algorithms: Rule Generation and a Cached Nearest-Neighbor Strategy PDF Details
Talv Alari Creation of a Digital Competence and Informatics Education Management System Based on the Example of Elva Gymnasium PDF Details
Tamm Sander Algorithmic Definition of Patient Trajectory Similarity PDF Details
Tamm Toomas DeltaVR Multiplayer 2.0 PDF Extras Details
Tars Maali Low-resource Finno-Ugric Neural Machine Translation through Cross-lingual Transfer Learning PDF Details
Tiirats Timo Object Recognition Using a Sparse 3D Camera Point Cloud PDF Extras Details
Tohver Epp Mathematics and Informatics Teachers´ Opinions on Entrepreneurship Education PDF Details
Traagel Mart Comparative Analysis of Deterministic and Graph Neural Network Based RDFS Materialization Methods PDF Details
Valdas Artjom ML-TOSCA: ML Pipeline Modelling and Orchestration Using TOSCA PDF Details
Valiyev Farid Query Workload-Driven Schema Optimization For Processing Large RDF Datasets PDF Details
Valk Madis Security Risk Management in Auditing Processes PDF Details
Vargunin Artjom Reducing Electricity Cost for PV Prosumers by Load Forecast PDF Details
Vaziri Reena The Urge Is Driving Me Crazy: A Study of Sexual Addiction Posts on Reddit PDF Details
Yang Yu-Chen Exploring the Dynamics of Targeting and Non-Targeting Rumour Spreaders on Twitter: A Qualitative Analysis PDF Details
Zheng Wei Impact of Input Dataset Size and Fine-tuning on Faster R-CNN with Transfer Learning PDF Details
Zuppur Hain Aligning Contextual Vector Spaces Between Independent Neural Translation Systems PDF Details
Bachelor (74)
Albre Joosep Modification of the Automated Assessment Tests of the “Computer Programming” Course at the University of Tartu and Migration to Environment PDF Details
Aljaste Richard Vegetable Visual Quality Evaluation System Based on Artificial Intelligence PDF Details
Allik Killu Creating a Website for KuldAllik Köök OÜ PDF Details
Ankro Ahti Creating an Information System with a Web Interface for Moving between the Buildings of the University of Tartu PDF Details
Arro Kristofer Johan Paying Invoice Using QR-code PDF Extras Details
Aun Mart-Mihkel Evaluating Machine Learning Models on Data with Few Labels PDF Extras Details
Evisalu Anette Analysis of the Course „Introduction to Databases“ Projects PDF Details
Habanen Anette Automation of Organizational Activities and Analysis of Learner Experience for the Course "Introduction to Speciality" PDF Details
Hennoste Juhan Oskar Abstract debugger for Goblint PDF Details
Hollo Grete Take a Leap – Hyper-Casual Mobile Game PDF Extras Details
Humal Kaupo Visibility Analysis Module for Estonian Defence Forces PDF Details
Ilus Kati Assessment of User Experience of Online Courses Based on Morville's user Experience Honeycomb PDF Details
Kadaja Maike Creating a Dataset for the Chat Agent ProgVestlus in the Course "Programming" PDF Details
Kahu Märten Solution for Sharing Open Data from Cumulocity Iot Platform PDF Details
Kala Ehar An Integrated User Interface for a Contract Life-cycle Platform: The Case of Salesforce and Avokaado PDF Details
Kalina Allar Creating a Website for Estonian Veterinary Students Association PDF Details
Kallaste Kertu-Carina University Dropout Prediction Using Machine Learning Models PDF Details
Kanal Karl-Erik Creating an Estonian Bird Image Classifier Using a Pretrained Model PDF Details
Karelson Taavi Lab Package: Scriptless GUI Testing with TESTAR PDF Details
Kase Otto Updating the National Team Management System for the Estonian Football Association PDF Details
Kikkatalo Markus The Migration of an Administrative Application’s User Interface from Thymeleaf to Angular PDF Details
Kisand Martin Serverless Data Pipelines for IoT Data in Edge and Cloud Environments using Microsoft Azure PDF Extras Details
Kittus Raiko Data Processing and Visualization of the ProgeTiiger Application Round on an Interactive Map PDF Details
Koldekivi Laura Liisa Mobility Pattern Analysis using CDR: A Case Study of Estonian Public Holidays in January & February PDF Details
Kolk Alan Visualization of Rooftop Solar Potential in Smart Cities PDF Details
Konrad Karolin Creating an Automatic Evaluator for the Playthrough of Hash Table Algorithms PDF Extras Details
Kõvask Merili Creation of Aarna OÜ Website PDF Details
Kuklane Richard Automation of Generating Suspicious Transaction Reports to Singapore's Financial Intelligence Unit: the Use-case of FinTech Company PDF Details
Künnapas Kustu Orienteering Event Registration Software: From Prototype To Web Application PDF Details
Kurs Kerdo Creating Automated Tests for the Course Programming in C++ PDF Details
Küüsvek Maria A Monitoring System for Daily Feedback on IoT Sensor’s Status in Tartu City PDF Details
Laats Henri Creation of a New Collection of Exercises and Troubleshooters for Homework for the Course "Introduction to programming II" PDF Details
Läll Rait Creating a Website for the 5th-9th Grade Students and Teachers of Tartu Karlova Kool’s Art Class PDF Details
Leemet Markus Creation of Microservice for Managing 1oT Data PDF Details
Leht Robert Developing Backend-for-frontend Microservice for Project Techyon PDF Details
Litvin Andre An Aalternative to Expected Reward Maximization PDF Details
Lüübek Carolin Investigating Psychedelic Imagery through Convolutional Neural Networks’ Feature Visualization PDF Details
Luukas Regita Sentiment Analysis of Feedback on Subjects at the University of Tartu PDF Details
Malahhov Mariliis The Bases for Certainty of Biometric Identification for Fingerprint and Facial Image PDF Details
Mänd Raiki Updating Assessment Tests for the Course „Computer Programming“ at the University of Tartu PDF Details
Mander Karl Erik Intercepting Mobile-ID SIM Toolkit Calls On Android PDF Details
Marrandi Raiko Evaluating Transformer Architecture for The Game of Chess PDF Details
Neilinn Grete Website Development Process with ChatGPT4 and Without PDF Details
Novoseltsev Roland Webpage Mnemo to Help Memorize Texts PDF Details
Ott Karl Erik Troubleshooters and Analysis of Their Usage for the Course “Databases” in the University of Tartu PDF Details
Õunaid Jane Investigating the Effect of Replay Attacks on Popular Car Models in Estonia PDF Details
Parelo Karl Implementing Metamorphic Testing on a Query-based System - A Case Study of Optime PDF Details
Pekk Kristjan Testing of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s Transitionhandler Component PDF Details
Rakovitš Hannaliina Worksheets for Teaching Programming Language Python to Students in Third Stage of Study PDF Details
Rauba Brandon Scala 3 Benchmarking PDF Details
Raudsepp Käroly Cross-Country Horse Run – Hyper-Casual Mobile Game PDF Extras Details
Roosma Toomas Estimating ReLU Deep Neural Networks Uncertainty Estimations PDF Details
Savolainen Oliver Calibration of Convolutional Neural Networks with Gradual Freezing PDF Details
Schaffrik Triin Creating Image Dataset With Semantic Diffusion Model PDF Details
Semilarski Emma Belinda Understanding Mobility Patterns through GPS Data PDF Details
Sõer Kati Pocket Trainer for Equestrians PDF Details
Sokk Helena Web-based Game to Facilitate Learning Estonian Loan-words PDF Details
Solmann Kristjan Soft Computing Approaches for Wireless Localization PDF Details
Sulg Markus Designing a Construction System for Blastronaut Players PDF Extras Details
Šumailov Georg Rogue Mobile Phone Base Station PDF Details
Surva Kristen Creating Practical Assignments for the Course “Automata, Languages and Compilers” PDF Details
Suurkaev Karl Seeing the Forest Behind the Trees: A Novel Method for Generating Data for Overlapping Object Segmentation PDF Details
Taal Kaur Development of a Web Application for the Course „Computer Programming” for the Management of Programming Tasks Materials PDF Details
Tani Tuule Creating Video Tutorials to Supplement Independent Study Materials in the Course "Databases" PDF Details
Tender Märt Developing a Backend for the DeepMOOC Platform PDF Extras Details
Tisler Cardo Developing a Front-end Application for the DeepMOOC Platform with SvelteKit PDF Details
Vainikko Oliver Microtransactions for IoT Devices PDF Details
Vali Kaur Web Application to Track Fuel Usage of Cars: DriveGreener PDF Extras Details
Valter Karl Vilhelm Data Storage in Polymeric Memristor Fiber PDF Details
Veri Hans Kristjan Low-Complexity Decoding of Best Known Quasi-Cyclic Linear Codes PDF Details
Veske Aleksander Daniel Development and Implementation of a Full-Stack Food Delivery Website PDF Details
Viibur Andre Learning Programm for Correcting More Frequent Spelling Errors PDF Extras Details
Zakatov Anton Creating Homework Assignments with Supporting Tools for the University of Tartu Course “Object-Oriented Programming” PDF Details
Zingel Uku A Tool for Predicting the Results of the Students PDF Details