UT Institute of Computer Science Graduation Theses Registry

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Last name First name Title
Master (74)
-Cigin KoshyA Literature Review on Predictive Monitoring of Business Processes PDF ExtrasDetails
AbuSeadaWael Mohamed Fathi AhmedAlternative Approach to Automate Detection of DOM-XSS Vulnerabilities PDFDetails
AgabaIsaacAdaptive Process Distribution at the Edge of IoT using the Integration of BPMS and Containerization PDFDetails
AlamNusaeb NurThe Comparative Evaluation of Dependency Parsers in Parsing Estonian PDFDetails
AphtsiauriIliaDeclarative Process Mining on the Cloud PDFDetails
AzatyanVostanOn the Transformation of Petri Nets into BPMN Models PDFDetails
BelakehalAliTest Automation Case Study PDFDetails
BolotnikovaAnastasiaArticulated Object Tracking from Visual Sensory Data for Robotic Manipulation PDFDetails
BrodarGuillaumeAnalysis of Exploit-kit Incidents and Campaigns Through a Graph Database Framework PDFDetails
CelikMertReimplementing the Adcash Software Development Kit in Swift PDFDetails
ChasovskyiDmytroPlatform for a Neural Machine Translation System Demo and User Data Collection PDFDetails
DanelsonPriitCase Study: Optimizing the Automated Acceptance Testing Infrastructure at SaleMove PDFDetails
DjagilevVsevolodAndroid Chat Application Forensic Process Improvement & XRY Support PDFDetails
EllerveeAndreasA Reference Model for the Blockchain-Based Distributed Ledger Technology PDFDetails
Fernández BascuñanaGemaMethod for Effective PDF Files Manipulation Detection PDFDetails
GildenTaaviParalysed by Surprise: Testing the Active Inference Theory with VR PDFDetails
HasanovEtibarEnhancing BPMN Conformance Checking with OR Gateways and Data Objects PDFDetails
HasanovaAsmarPedestrian Detection and Tracking in Urban Context Using a Mono-camera PDFDetails
IngelAntiMachine Learning in VEP-based BCI PDFDetails
IsakadzeZurabiTowards More Human Like Reinforcement Learning PDFDetails
IshikyanTatevikPresenting Business Process Improvement Changes – A Systematic Literature Review PDFDetails
JannoJaanIntroductory Game Development and Programming Course Materials PDF ExtrasDetails
JansonsKristjanLeader-follower System for Unmanned Ground Vehicle PDFDetails
JõgiMartinEstablishing, Implementing and Auditing Linux Operating System Hardening Standard for Security Compliance PDFDetails
JorbinaKerwinA Web-Based Tool For Predictive Process Analytics PDFDetails
JürisooKristjanOn the Role of Agile Software Development Practices in Software Process Improvement PDFDetails
KenigboloMeya StephenA Case Study of Test-Driven Development PDFDetails
KingerMohitEnterprise Cloud Security Guidance and Strategies for Enterprises PDFDetails
KodasmaaRaigoPython Error Messages in Basic Level Programming Studies PDFDetails
KuldmaaAnnabellOn Secure Bulletin Boards for E-Voting PDFDetails
LaaneMarkEyeTal – A Fully Eye-Controlled Map Editor PDFDetails
LabashAqeelUsing Deep Reinforcement Learning to Solve Perspective-Taking Task PDFDetails
LahesooPriitThe Electronic Evidence Examination Reporting System by the Example of West Prefecture PDF ExtrasDetails
LapõninArnePropagating Changes between Declarative and Procedural Process Models PDFDetails
LashkararaSalmanManaging Security Risks Using Attack-Defense Trees PDF ExtrasDetails
LenoVolodymyrIncremental Discovery of Process Maps PDFDetails
LippusMarkusPredicting Illness and Type of Treatment from Digital Health Records PDFDetails
MaennelKaieImproving and Measuring Learning at Cyber Defence Exercises PDFDetails
MarranSiim-ToomasSimulating Road Traffic for Generating Cellular Network Logs in Urban Context PDFDetails
MichukiMichael NgugiExposing Rich Update Operations via REST APIs PDF ExtrasDetails
MutundaFortunat LufundaTimer Service for an Ethereum BPMN Engine PDFDetails
MuuliEerikAutomatic Assessment of Programming Assignments using Image Recognition PDFDetails
Nafies Okasha MohamedAhmedA New Heuristic Based Phishing Detection Approach Utilizing Selenium Webdriver PDFDetails
OkhrimenkoAnastasiiaComparing Enterprise Architecture Frameworks – A Case Study at the Estonian Rescue Board PDFDetails
OksvortRainA Prototype For Learning Privacy-Preserving Data Publising PDF ExtrasDetails
OrusteKarliProcess Mining in Industry PDFDetails
PappasStefanosInvestigation of JTAG and ISP Techniques for Forensic Procedures PDFDetails
PopovKostiantynComparative Evaluation of Log-Based Process Performance Analysis Techniques PDFDetails
ProskurinAndreiAdapting a Stress Testing Framework to a Multi-module Security-oriented Spring Application PDFDetails
QadduraMohamadWebGLadiator Game Engine for Web Developers PDFDetails
RoosaluRobertContext embeddings for natural language clustering PDFDetails
RozumnyiAndriiA Dashboard-based Predictive Process Monitoring Engine PDFDetails
SaarikAnnettTrajectory Reconstruction and Mobility Pattern Analysis Based on Call Detail Record Data PDFDetails
SavostkinJevgeniTowards Reliable Brain-Computer Interface: Achieving Perfect Accuracy by Sacrificing Time PDFDetails
ShepelenkoOlhaOpinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis using Bayesian and Neural Networks Approaches PDFDetails
ShepelenkoSergiiApplying Supernode Architecture for Scalable Multiplayer Computer Game PDFDetails
SivalingapandiDarwinComparison and Alignment of Access Control Models PDFDetails
SooAllarAutomated Process Discovery: A Literature Review and a Comparative Evaluation with Domain Experts PDFDetails
SooSanderTowards Proactive Mobility-Aware Fog Computing PDFDetails
SultaniaAshish KumarMonitoring and Failure Recovery of Cloud-Managed Digital Signage PDFDetails
TalebAyhamA Web Tool for the Comparison of Predictive Process Monitoring Algorithms PDFDetails
TiganikSanderRough Estimation of Interior Dimensions Using Structure from Motion Techniques PDF ExtrasDetails
TraumannAndresSemi-Automatic Method for Creating Virtual Reality Environments PDF ExtrasDetails
TreierDeivisResearch and Proof of Concept of Selected ISKE Highest Level Integrity Requirements PDF ExtrasDetails
TschidaChristianThe Way to the Specialist and Management Level of Cyber Hygiene Initiative PDFDetails
TsintsabadzeLashaA Prototype to Analyze Role- and Attribute-Based Access Control Models PDFDetails
VallaotsAllarFederation of Cyber Ranges PDFDetails
VentRagnarA Framework for Analysing Topics in University Courses PDFDetails
ViilJaagupFramework for Automated Partitioning of Scientific Workflows on the Cloud PDFDetails
VisbekVladimirLinking Rescue Event Data with Public Data PDFDetails
VunkMihkelA Framework for Assessing Organisational IT Governance Risk and Compliance PDFDetails
YankovskayaElizavetaExtraction and Classification of App Features from App Reviews PDFDetails
YeshchenkoAntonAn Eye into the Future: Leveraging A-Priori Knowledge in Predictive Business Process Monitoring PDFDetails
ZakharovVitaliiFramework for extracting and solving combination puzzles PDFDetails
Bachelor (88)
AlasiHarri3D Model Viewer for Mediawiki Software PDF ExtrasDetails
AlenitsevVladislavFilesystem Fuzz Testing Framework PDFDetails
AruojaMagnarTarakas – a Cross-platform Piggy Bank Application for Children PDFDetails
BassAnnaWireless Blood Pressure Monitor Data Retrieval and Database Insertion PDF ExtrasDetails
BilmaijerAnnaUrban Mobility Sensing Using CDRs PDFDetails
DreifeldMadisSystematic Collection of Computer Science Learning Materials in a Web Environment PDFDetails
DurnevAlanEssentials of Augmented Reality Software Development under Android Patform PDFDetails
EfrosCorneliaLab Package: Mutation Testing PDFDetails
EverKalleAlgorithm for Portals Between Environments and Using it in a Computer Game PDF ExtrasDetails
IvanovaAnastassiaStructuring, Analyzing and Optimization of SQL Queries Using SQL Anywhere 17.0 Version PDFDetails
JõgiJanarFunction Computation in Networks PDFDetails
JoosepTanelThe Application for Visualizing Data Inquiries PDF ExtrasDetails
KaalTambetConnecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning PDFDetails
KaasikIngridPrototype of Block-based Programming System for Thonny Integrated Development Environment PDFDetails
KaldveeMari-LiisCumulocity Platform PDFDetails
KanarbikKevinPharmacogenetical Variants in Whole-Genome Data PDFDetails
KarilerMadisRoad Surface Quality Detection Using Accelerometer Data PDFDetails
KarusKaurArtificial Video Generation from Storytelling PDFDetails
KõivKristiinaSolfeggio Learning Software for First Grade PDFDetails
KoppelTõnis KristianReduced Contrast in the Area of the Visual Field where the Own Hand is Moving: a Virtual Reality Study PDFDetails
KuulmetsHele-AndraFunctional Programming with Type Classes in Scala PDFDetails
KuzminVitaliItem2Vec-based Approach to a Recommender System PDFDetails
LaabusReioExtracting Semantic Propositions from Dependency Trees PDFDetails
LadvaSixtinaE-course "Introduction to Programming" Participants' Assessments for Exercises PDFDetails
LassMattiasCreating an Artificial Intelligence for a Turn-Based Strategy Game L-put PDF ExtrasDetails
LibaMartin JohannesArduino Weatherbox PDFDetails
LiivKarelContact Automation For The ESTCube-2 Mission Control System PDF ExtrasDetails
LubjaKarlEnergy Harvesting Optimization with Solar Panels PDFDetails
MaalinnHenryLEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Programming in Python PDFDetails
MäeotsLiisMusic Notation Program for the Visually Impaired PDFDetails
MägiMartVisualising the Logs of Shenandoah Garbage Collection Algorithm PDFDetails
MaidreKaarelPython-like Language Compiler for Ozobot PDF ExtrasDetails
MändarRebekaUXP Portal 2.0 Functional Requirements Specification PDFDetails
MändlaArgoBrickPi Comparison with Other Robotics Platforms PDFDetails
MaranMarvinArduino Compatible Sensors and Interfaces and Building a Button Phone PDFDetails
MiksonJens-StefanVirtual Reality Game Design Analysis Based on Tribocalypse VR PDF ExtrasDetails
MõtusStenCreating a Website to the Estonian Mölkky Association PDFDetails
MutsoMartiResearching the Haxl Library PDF ExtrasDetails
NeumannArgoCalculator Program for Mortar Battery PDF ExtrasDetails
NikitkinaHelbe-LauraSystem Analysis of the SW-bridge PDFDetails
NiklusJoannaCurrent State-of-the-Art Bioinformatics Methods in Alzheimer's Disease Studies PDF ExtrasDetails
OrusteMari-LiisTranslating Musical Notation to Braille PDFDetails
PagelMarekPerformance Testing Bulletin Board Implementations for Online Voting PDFDetails
PaluojaPriitDatabase with Web Interface for Prenatal Genetic Screening PDFDetails
PaluveeRaunoUsing Arduino LCD by Creating a Space Game PDFDetails
PankrašinElinaVisualisation of Estonian Wordnet PDFDetails
PapliKasparMorpheme-Aware Subword Segmentation for Neural Machine Translation PDFDetails
PärnapuuRistoExtending the Reach of Eclipse Plug-in for Analysing Embedded SQL Queries PDF ExtrasDetails
PärtKrisseliineSmart Scale PDFDetails
PeedoskMartinApplying Estonian Digital Resources and Technologies in a Text Simplification Program PDFDetails
PetersonJannoPython SDK for LEGO WeDo 2.0 PDFDetails
PirkHerkoOptimized for Estonian Language Touch Typing Exercise Software PDFDetails
PollmannMargusAn Investigation of Haskell Library Euterpea PDFDetails
RabaKauriAdding Micro:bit Support for Thonny IDE PDFDetails
RaukasHansSome Approaches for Software Defect Prediction PDFDetails
ReinsaluMartinThe Original Version of Soccer News Generator „Newerator” PDFDetails
RõmmelKadiTwo-Dimensional Array Initial Materials and Analysis for "Introduction to Programming II" e-course PDFDetails
SaarSiiriLibrary for Verifying the Solutions of Predicate Calculus PDFDetails
SaksRasmusCreating a Python-like Programming Language for the Crumble Controller PDF ExtrasDetails
SarapIngridMassive Open Online Courses in Higher Education Institution. Example of the Course “Introduction to Programming” PDFDetails
SatsSanderVisualization of the AI Control Problem PDFDetails
SchultsRioComparison of Benchmarks for Aiding Home Users in Computer Purchases PDF ExtrasDetails
SessmanMärtInternet of Things based on the example of WeMos PDFDetails
SimiskerMartStudy of Optimal Linear Batch Codes PDFDetails
SõberTuuleAligning Business Needs with the IT Solution Design for the Historic Cultural Site Kreutzwaldi Sajand PDF ExtrasDetails
SootlaStenAnalysing Information Distribution in Complex Systems PDFDetails
SõrmusKaarelOfficialese and Paronym Detector PDF ExtrasDetails
TagamKirstiCreating Recursion Themed Study Materials for E-course „Introduction to Programming II” PDFDetails
TalimaaHelenaSystem for Tangible Programming PDFDetails
TammsaarAl WilliamThe Induction and Objective Measurement of Illusory Roll-Axis Vection in Virtual Reality PDF ExtrasDetails
TapoMeelisOptimization of Military Convoy Routing PDFDetails
TennJoosepErrand Running App for Android With Geolocation Support PDFDetails
TeppKarl-MattiasVisualising the Output of the Static Analyser Goblint PDFDetails
TeppoJaanTemporal Expressions in Wikipedia Biographical Articles PDFDetails
TinnKaarelBuilding Web Application in Elixir PDFDetails
TolliLeonidDevelopment of a Sales Force Management System for a Company PDFDetails
UigaKarl-MartinAnalysing a Type-safe FRP Library: Grapefruit PDF ExtrasDetails
UrmetHeidiA Systematic Review of the Application and Empirical Investigation of Search-Based Test Case Generation PDFDetails
VagelRainDeveloping a Scikit-Learn Module for a Novel Data Partition for Machine Learning PDFDetails
VallisteKarlDisc Golf Course Inference from User Mobile Location Data PDFDetails
ValsAloArduino LCD Table Tennis PDFDetails
VapperSilverDialect Translation Methods PDF ExtrasDetails
VärvSander-SebastianCost Effective PDF to EPUB conversion PDFDetails
VeberTennoResearch of Haskell's FRP library: Reactive-Banana PDF ExtrasDetails
VelnerMari LiisAnalyzing Predictive Features of Epileptic Seizures in Human Intracranial EEG Recordings PDFDetails
VirroLeigerRecognizing and Expressing Emotions by a 3D Conversational Agent PDF ExtrasDetails
VoikaIvoImpossible Geometry in a Node-Based World PDF ExtrasDetails
VunkSanderCreating a Document Management System Based on the Example of Tele2 Eesti AS PDF ExtrasDetails