UT Institute of Computer Science Graduation Theses Registry

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Last name First name Title
Master (95)
AbdullahBilalAnalysis of Software Applications Computing Resources Usage on the Edge: A Case Study of Speech Recognition PDFDetails
AbdullayevaGunayApplication and Evaluation of LSTM Architectures for Energy Time-Series Forecasting PDFDetails
AghabayliAytajSoftware Runtime Data: Visualization and Integration with Development Data – A Case Study PDFDetails
AlliAbdulateef OlamideExtremely Low Quality Image Face Recognition PDFDetails
AnsariNavedanjum Mohammed HanifIdentifying Semantically Duplicate Questions Using Data Science Approach: A Quora Case Study PDFDetails
ArikanAtakanIssue Resolution Time Prediction Using Deep Learning Techniques PDFDetails
AtapoorShahlaOn Privacy Preserving Blockchains and zk-SNARKs PDFDetails
BortníkLukášMobile Phone Digital Evidence Providers to Investigate Driver’s Distraction PDFDetails
CherinetAbel MesfinRecommending Issue Reports to Developers Using Machine Learning PDFDetails
DemchukSofiyaPredicting Hackathon Outcomes Using Machine Learning (Data Analytics) PDFDetails
DissanayakePubudini GayanjalieA Comparison of Security Risk Analysis in the In-house IT Infrastructure and Cloud Infrastructure for the Payment Gateway System PDFDetails
DoliashviliNatiaPredicting Survived and Killed Mutants PDFDetails
DorodnikovYevhenDealing with Complexity in Process Model Discovery Through Segmentation PDF ExtrasDetails
FilipovaSvitlanaModeling Business Processes on a Blockchain Ecosystem using CMMN PDFDetails
GrygorianDianaClassifier Evaluation With Proper Scoring Rules PDFDetails
GulzarMahirObject Detection Using LiDAR and Camera Fusion in Off-road Conditions PDFDetails
HasanovEldarAutomated Balance Depletion Prediction in Retail Banking PDFDetails
HassanSamreen MahakClassification and Prediction of Business Incidents Using Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection PDFDetails
HestiLiem Radita TapaningModel Driven Development and Analysis for Embedded Automotive Software PDFDetails
HindriksonMerikeWeb Application for Evaluation the Status of Watercourses PDFDetails
IvanovaAnastassiaAutomatization for Finding Supplementary Materials for University Courses PDFDetails
JägerJaneInformation Systems in Support of Clinical Trial Monitoring PDFDetails
JayasingheJayasinghe Arachchilage Sriyal HimeshAn Evaluation of Sinhala Language NLP Tools and Neural Network Based POS Taggers PDFDetails
JõgevaJannoSoftware Infrastructure and Course Design of a Robotics Course PDFDetails
KalaKasparRefinement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Model: Administrative Fines Perspective PDFDetails
KallasLiisaMining Gold and Silver Using Machine Learning: Predicting Cancelled Orders at the Online Store of Tavex Norway PDFDetails
KalmusTeetMethodology for Automated Extraction of Socialization Values from Online Media Texts PDFDetails
KaminskaOlhaEntity Linking via Topic Models in Apache Spark PDFDetails
KanarbikKevinAn Empirical Investigation on Wage Inequality in Estonian Firms PDFDetails
KapisizDenizalpRule Mining with RuM PDFDetails
KarPartha SarathiSpatialData IO: A Web-based Spatial Data Customization Tool for Collection of Area of Interest Information PDFDetails
KarusKaurUsing Embeddings to Improve Text Segmentation PDFDetails
KerimovNurlanDesigning a Robust and Portable Workflow for Detecting Genetic Variants Associated with Molecular Phenotypes Across Multiple Studies PDFDetails
KilanavaKhatiaEnhancing Breast Cancer Prediction Using Unlabeled Data PDFDetails
KloorenTiiviApplying ServiceNow in Procurement Management: A Case Study at Playtech PDFDetails
KomisarenkoViacheslavFarming Events Detection from Sentinel-1 and -2 Satellite Imagery Time Series with Deep Learning PDFDetails
KorotkovaElizavetaStyle Transfer via Zero-Shot Monolingual Neural Machine Translation PDFDetails
KuikCareelika LiisiMultimodal Route Planning Algorithm for Encouraging the Usage of Different Means of Public Transportation PDFDetails
KuulmetsHele-AndraPhrase Similarity Measures Based on Word Mover's Distance PDFDetails
LindSirjeData Migration Testing PDFDetails
LoideMarkusAutomatic Labelling of Point Clouds Using Image Semantic Segmentation PDFDetails
MaaAhtiGraphics Creation and Ooptimization in Unity Ddevelopment Platform PDFDetails
MammadzadaKamranBlockchain Oracles PDFDetails
MarkovskaMariiaModelling Business Processes on a Blockchain Eco-System (BPMN) PDFDetails
MatsaluMarekThe Development of Digital Forensics Workforce Competency on the Example of Estonian Defence League PDF ExtrasDetails
MawokoClive TinasheAligning Data-Aware Declarative Process Models and Event Logs PDFDetails
MelnykMaksymData-aware Conformance Checking PDFDetails
MeshvelashviliDavidRobotic Automation of University Admission Processes PDFDetails
MicevskaSimonaA Statistical Drift Detection Method PDFDetails
MikelsaarSanderEmpirical Study of Asynchronous Batch Codes PDF ExtrasDetails
MolayemvandPariaMeasuring Corporate Reputation Through Online Social Media: A Case Study of Volkswagen Scandal PDFDetails
OjiamboIvanA Fully Data On-chain Solution for Tracking Provenance of Handcrafted Jewellery PDFDetails
OkoloGraceValChrom – Software Tool for Validation of Chromatographic Analysis Method PDFDetails
ÕmblusJaanBourse de France Information System Planning PDFDetails
OroTõnuAgile transformation in IT and Development Centre. Ministry of Interior, Estonia PDFDetails
PadurKärtInformation Security Risk Assessment in the Context of Outsourcing in a Financial Institution PDFDetails
PaluojaPriitComputational Estimation of Fetal DNA Fraction in Low Coverage Whole Genome Sequencing Data PDFDetails
PapkovMikhailApplications of Deep Neural Networks for Cell Phenotyping in Co-cultures PDFDetails
PõllusteMart KevinDetecting Corruption in Public Procurement Through Open Data Analysis PDFDetails
ProduitBruno DidierOptimization of the ROCA (CVE-2017-15361) Attack PDFDetails
PungKadiMost Effective MVP Methods: Case Study of Five Successful Estonian Startups PDFDetails
PunianiRahulConceptualization of a Blockchain Based Voting Ecosystem in Estonia PDFDetails
PureIvoAn Automated Methodology for Validating Web Related Cyber Threat Intelligence by Implementing a Honeyclient PDFDetails
PurgaIndrekDetection of Forged PDF Documents PDFDetails
PuuraJoonasAdvanced Methods in Business Process Deviance Mining PDFDetails
RätsepLiisaGenerative Dependency Language Modeling Using Recurrent Neural Networks PDFDetails
SarapuuDorisPenetration Testing of Glia’s Web Application PDFDetails
SardjoskiHristijanActivity Recognition Using Accelerometers PDF ExtrasDetails
SeebaMariA Specification of Layer-Based Information Security Management System for the Issue Tracking System PDFDetails
SemikinMaksymJointly Tackling User and Item Cold-start with Sequential Contentbased Recommendations PDFDetails
ShahroudiNovinProbabilistic Forecasting with Monte-Carlo Dropout Network PDFDetails
ShmavonyanMargaritImproving Application Lifecycle Management at Swedbank: A Case Study PDFDetails
ShvechykovOleksandrScaling Up a Software Product: The Journey of Pipedrive PDFDetails
SilmTaaviCase study: Business Analysis in ERP Implementation/Customization Projects PDFDetails
SimiskerMartSecurity of Health Information Databases PDFDetails
SinghPrabhantAnalysis of Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Parameter Sharing PDFDetails
Surriabre DickFreddy MarceloActor Model in the IoT Network Edge for Creating Distributed Applications Using Akka PDFDetails
SuuressaarLiisMonitoring Software Errors: Case Study at Playtech Live Unit PDFDetails
TammSirliHealth Status and Health Behaviour of Estonian Pre-school Children from Birth to 7 Years of Age on the Basis of the 2010 Birth Cohort Based on Estonian Health Insurance Claims PDFDetails
TkalichOleksandraA New Approach of Video Ingestion Processing for Entertainment Systems PDFDetails
TõnissonReelikaTighter Post-quantum Secure Encryption Schemes Using Semi-classical Oracles PDFDetails
ToriaKetevanPredicting Academic Performance From Admission Scores and Application Data – A Case Study PDFDetails
ToulassiKodjovi Hippolyte-FayolSoftware Tool for Validation of Chromatographic Analytical Method PDFDetails
TsõganovAleksandrIntegrating User Identity with Ethereum Smart Contract Wallet PDFDetails
UigaKarl-MartinWhat Happens to All These Hackathon Projects? PDFDetails
ÜlejõeAnuAnalysis and Re-design of RTIP Vacation Scheduling Tool PDFDetails
VaabKristiinaOnboarding Unified Logging to Serverless Computing Model PDFDetails
VaherpuuVelloEmergency Vehicle Warning System for Automotives’ Navigational Systems PDFDetails
VahtraRasmusParking Space Monitoring and ID Based Car Tracking PDF ExtrasDetails
VaiksaarMariRequirements Management in Off-The-Shelf Software Implementation Projects: A Case Study in Playtech PDFDetails
VäljaotsMariImpact Assessment Tool for Open Data Publication PDFDetails
VallsaluAnetUsability Testing of Parenting Websites PDFDetails
VärvSander-SebastianTravel Time Prediction Based on Raw GPS Data PDFDetails
VelnerMari LiisAnalyzing Activity of the Human Brain During Decision Making PDFDetails
YerokhinMaksymMulti-level Policy-aware Privacy Analysis PDFDetails
Bachelor (75)
AasmäeAloImproving a Language for a Compiler of Propositional Formulae PDF ExtrasDetails
AdermannOttWavelet-based Image Denoising PDFDetails
AdlerJoosuaMultidimensional Analysis to Understand Public Perception for a Health Initiative Project PDFDetails
AnnukAgu-ArtTeaching Stack and Queue in University Courses PDFDetails
BuivolVladislavMeasurement of Database Management System Capability PDF ExtrasDetails
DurejkoJanIoT Sensors Messages Decoding Simplification Using User Interface PDFDetails
EllerMeritLab Materials for Course „Introduction to Speciality“ PDFDetails
HiirHendrikThe Impact of External Factors on Estonian Mobile Call Activity PDFDetails
IherMirjamWeakest Precondition Static Analysis for Stack Machines PDFDetails
JaagoMartenPredicting Demand for Smart Parking Systems PDFDetails
JäätsKarlAdding Support for the Test Generation Tool Testmotor to IntelliJ IDEA PDFDetails
JasinskiAndriLab Package: Automated Testing Using CI/CD PDFDetails
JürgelMartinNon-Intrusive Load Monitoring in the OpenHAB Smart Home Framework PDF ExtrasDetails
KäisMargeAn Overview of the Learning and Teaching Strategies in Introductory Programming PDFDetails
KalmaKarl-JohannesTeaching and Usage of Tree Data Structures PDFDetails
KarpKristoAndroid Fog Gateway for Personalized Health Monitoring PDFDetails
KeskülaCarolaApproaches in Teaching Recursion PDF ExtrasDetails
KittaskClaudiaComputational Models of Concept Similarity for the Estonian Language PDFDetails
KodarMark-EerikComparison of FaaS Cloud Platforms PDFDetails
KõvaskRaigoProcedural Generation of Skill-Based Systems PDF ExtrasDetails
KroonReneeApplication for Psychophysics Experiments in Virtual Reality PDFDetails
KruusAirisMobile App for Estonian Literary Musuem’s Graffiti Database PDF ExtrasDetails
KukkKadiWeb Application for Learning French Vocabulary PDFDetails
KüttDanielDelta Building Visualization – Admin Tool PDF ExtrasDetails
LaamannJohannes ErikInteractive Web Textbook for Course "Introduction to Databases" PDFDetails
LäänIndrekWeb Application for Employee Quality Monitoring Surveys and Statistics PDFDetails
LeitenLauriThonny Development Environment Plugin for Executing Scripts via SSH PDFDetails
LindeEinarDelta Building Visualization – Visual Effects PDF ExtrasDetails
MargensAndroLectures in Introductory Programming Courses PDFDetails
MättikMarilinWebsite for Sport Club Villu PDFDetails
MeierHermanSimulating Energy Efficient Fog Computing PDFDetails
MeisterKristinaThe Effect of Interface Animations on the Usability of Accommodation Booking Applications PDF ExtrasDetails
MikšaValeriaWeb Page Creation E-Course For Advanced Users PDFDetails
NaelDanielIcarus – a Real-Time Strategy Game in Space PDF ExtrasDetails
NigolaErgoTestMotor: A System for Tree-Based Test Data Generation for Programming Assignments PDFDetails
NõgolsAndryMobile Application for Mushroom Identification PDFDetails
OrulaIda MariaMapping Between Old and New Estonian Orthography Using Finite State Transducers PDFDetails
OssipVillem-OskarEthereum Blockchain and HyperLedger Burrow Blockchain Comparative Analysis PDFDetails
ÕunmaaMikkCreating Automated Tests for Session-based Course “Sissejuhatus andmebaasidesse” PDF ExtrasDetails
ParkDorisNumPy Study Material for High School Elective Course „Software Development“ PDFDetails
PärnSanderCaching Large Files in Nortal’s eHealth Project PDFDetails
PärtelLiina AnetteLabel Smoothing in Logistic Calibration of Classifiers PDFDetails
PedoskEva-MariaCategorization of tTasks of Introductory Programming Courses Using Bloom’s Taxonomy PDFDetails
PerliMeelisDelta Building Visualization - Agent Logic PDF ExtrasDetails
PihelJaan ErikModular Artificial Neural Networks PDFDetails
PihlapuuMari-LiisSoftware Testing: Integration Testing Lab Package PDFDetails
PõhjakiviMartinVisualizing Yeast Genome’s Functions in a Web Application PDFDetails
PrinkKertLab Package: Automated GUI Testing PDFDetails
PungAndreasInterpreting a Convolutional Text Classification Neural Network on a Clinical Dataset PDFDetails
PurikOmarCreation of Practical Assignments on Information Security for High School Students PDFDetails
PuuseppSandraA Collection of Programming Tasks for the Secondary School Elective Course “Software Developmentˮ PDFDetails
RedpapRaulProof of Kahn’s Algorithm in Coq PDF ExtrasDetails
RiisKarlBayesian Isotonic Calibration and its Optimisation PDFDetails
RoosiAgeAutomating Thonny Log File Analysation PDFDetails
RussakJaagupProgramming Using Symbolic Automata and Transducers PDFDetails
SaarOttRoomMapperAR – A Mobile Augmented Reality Room Mapper PDF ExtrasDetails
SaaristeHannesReal-time Wildfire Simulation PDF ExtrasDetails
SaarniitMarkusVoxel-World – a World of Cubes PDF ExtrasDetails
SaidloAlfredTeaching Hash Tables in University Courses PDFDetails
SchihalejevRuthRule-based Syntactic Simplifier for Texts in Estonian PDFDetails
SiiderStiivoText Simplifier Based on Syntax Analysis PDFDetails
SillaotsKarl-WalterÖnwall AR Tool PDF ExtrasDetails
SinisaluAndreStatic Interval Analysis of Java Programs Using the Framework Põder PDFDetails
TagenHannaCustom Administrative Area Solution for Web Application PärimusRada PDFDetails
TaltsKerttuA Mobile Application for Simplifying the Management of Agricultural Production and Marketing PDF ExtrasDetails
TeraHelenIntroduction to Post-Quantum Cryptography in Scope of NIST's Post-Quantum Competition PDFDetails
TilkJannoApplication for Systematizing Real Estate Selling Information PDFDetails
TomsonTanelVisualizing Network Topology PDFDetails
TõnissonVillemTidying Log Files Created by Solving Programming Tasks in Thonny PDFDetails
TootsmannKerliEducational Materials for Use in Teaching Databases PDFDetails
TšernjavskiTarmo RiivoAbout Learning Outcomes of CS Bachelor Curriculum and Self-Evaluations of Students PDFDetails
UssanovSalmeThree-dimensional User Interface Design and Development PDFDetails
UutsaluTambetGenerating Music with Neural Networks PDFDetails
VannGeorgLiterature Review: Open Innovation in Software Engineering PDF ExtrasDetails
VinkelOliverFall - A Turn-Based Tactical Role-Playing Game on a Hex Map PDF ExtrasDetails