UT Institute of Computer Science Graduation Theses Registry

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Last name First name Title
Master (96)
-Gagandeep SinghEEG Source Localization: A Machine Learning Approach PDFDetails
AbbasiAwaisGDPR Implementation in an Airline Contact Center PDFDetails
AbelOlevCase Study: Analysing Parking Solution using Corda DLT Service PDFDetails
AdewaleAyobamiLink Travel Time Prediction Based on O-D Matrix and Neural Networks PDFDetails
AffiaAbasi-AmefonSecurity Risk Management of E-commerce Systems PDFDetails
AkandeAdefisayoDisruptive Power of Blockchain on the Insurance Industry PDFDetails
AlgmaDianaEdge Chamfering Algorithm PDFDetails
AltundaşSercanNPC AI System Based on Gameplay Recordings PDF ExtrasDetails
AlukoVictor OlugbengaBenchmarking BigSQL Systems PDFDetails
AusenKristinaDesign of Didactic Material for the Course "School Robotics I" concerning Basic School Robotics PDFDetails
AvanashviliShalvaOpinion-Driven App Recommender System (ODARS) PDFDetails
AvramenkoValeriiaCost-Benefit Analysis of a Hybrid Terrorist Attack on a Power Plant PDFDetails
BachynskyiArtemEmotional State Recognition Based on Physiological Signals PDFDetails
BolotnikovStepanDevelopment of a Course on Collaboration Tools in Software Engineering PDF ExtrasDetails
ÇelebiIlhanPrivacy Enhanced Secure Tropos: A Privacy Modeling Language for GDPR Compliance PDFDetails
CherednychenkoOleksandrDesigning Visually Effective and Intuitive Modelling Notations for Security Risk Management PDFDetails
DashkoLeonidRoad Detection and Recognition from Monocular Images Using Neural Networks PDFDetails
DelMaksymTowards Phrase-based Unsupervised Machine Translation: Phrase Representations PDFDetails
ElazazyAhmedHoneyProxy Implementation in Cloud Environment with Docker HoneyFarm PDFDetails
EllenMarelleReferral Program Optimization Using Machine Learning Based on Promoty’s Case PDFDetails
FilipczakKarinaTesting the Security Awareness Using Open-Source Tools - Spear Phishing PDFDetails
GogiashviliGiorgiThe State of the Art of Automatic Programming PDFDetails
GranadaGeraldine KingImproving the Automatic Text Classification Algorithm of Siav, a Case Study PDFDetails
HeiserTheodoreDataset Shift and the Adjustment of Probabilistic Classifiers PDFDetails
HinnoRistoE-mail Classification via Machine Learning in Example of Estonian Road Authority PDFDetails
HintKülliUse of IT Solutions to Make HD Forest AS Support Services More Effective PDFDetails
IslamiLejlaAssessing Generational Differences in Susceptibility to Social Engineering Attacks. A Comparison Between Millennial and Baby Boomer Generations PDFDetails
JaanholdKristerAutomated Analysis of Customer Contacts – a Fintech Based Case Study PDFDetails
JärvpõldKaurLeveraging Multi-Perspective A priori Knowledge in Predictive Business Process Monitoring PDFDetails
JüristoKasparHow to Conduct Email Phishing Experiments PDFDetails
KäärikKristiinaThe Connection Between Motivational Factors and Participant’s Age, Previous Education and Gender Influencing Enrolment in Programming MOOCs PDFDetails
KaasikMadisA Tool for Supporting Multi-Perspective System Development Through Security Risk Management PDFDetails
KängseppMarkusCalibration of Convolutional Neural Networks PDFDetails
KasekampTõnisA Web Application to Support Researchers in Predictive Process Monitoring Tasks PDFDetails
KenchoshviliMikheilTool for Identifying Working Style Based on Event Logs PDFDetails
KerikLiisiA Kind System for a Functional Programming Language PDF ExtrasDetails
KiikAndresBusiness Process Decomposition & Distribution for Adaptive Internet of Things PDFDetails
KiisTanelStop Detection and Location Accuracy Improvement in Mobile Positioning PDFDetails
KiluErkiSoftware Process Improvement Using Agile Methods in Financial Institutions. LHV Bank Case PDFDetails
KivisooKerstiImplementing Python Introductory Programming e-Course "Introduction to Programming" as a Blended Learning at School PDFDetails
KoppelMadis-KarliLarge Scale Feature Extraction from Linked Web Data PDFDetails
KopylashVladyslavAn Ethereum-Based Real Estate Application with Tampering-Resilient Document Storage PDFDetails
KumarManojServerless Computing for the Internet of Things PDFDetails
KunsingSvenClient Churn Prediction with Machine Learning based on SEB Pension Fund Client Data PDFDetails
Laumets-TättarAnnikaModelling and Simulating Indoor Pedestrian Movement Behaviour and Displacement PDFDetails
LiivlaidHediComparing Specialist Care Morbidity Statistics of Two Datasets: National Institute for Health Development and Estonian Health Insurance Fund PDFDetails
LõmpsJoonasAccuracy Affecting Factors for Optical Handwritten Character Recognition PDF ExtrasDetails
LubergKarl-KristjanHuman Body Poses Recognition Using Neural Networks with Class Based Data Augmentation PDFDetails
LuomalaMikkoEvaluation of Efficiency of Cybersecurity PDF ExtrasDetails
LytvyniukKaterynaPredicting Information Diffusion on Social Media PDFDetails
MateushArtemAutomated Payment Classification in Retail Banking PDFDetails
MeierHeidiBehaviour Patterns of Learners at Solving Programming Task: an Analysis of Log Files PDF ExtrasDetails
MendelmanKarlFingerprinting a Organization Using Metadata of Public Documents PDFDetails
MirTalha MahinIncentive Models for Mobile Code Offloading to Improve it's Adaptability PDF ExtrasDetails
MittSvenBlockchain Application - Case Study on Hyperledger Fabric PDFDetails
MohamedGhada ZakariaDetecting Social Spamming on Facebook Platform PDFDetails
Noboa MartilloLuis GersonHolograph: A Tool for Assessing the Impact of Resource Assignment on Business Process Performance Based on Event Logs PDFDetails
NugisRaulForensic Data Properties of Digital Signature BDOC and ASiC-E Files on Classic Disk Drives PDF ExtrasDetails
ÕispuuBraitVisualizing Survey Data in a Web Interface and Predicting the Reasons Behind Early Leave from Military Service PDFDetails
OmisakinOluwatobi SamuelRelationship between Module Size, Alternative Cost and Bugs PDFDetails
OrasAndresOnline Cyber Security Exercise to Evaluate and Improve Individual Technical Specialists’ Cyber Incident Reporting Skills PDFDetails
OrengeAntonyBlockchain-based Provenance Solution for Handcrafted Jewellery PDFDetails
PakLiset MarleenApplication of Text Mining in Personality Tests for Recruiting PDFDetails
ParkLiisiDevelopment of Proactive Public Services Using the Service Portfolio of the City of Tartu as an Example PDFDetails
PlangiSiimReal-time Localisation and Tracking System for Navigation Based on Mobile Multi-sensor Fusion PDFDetails
PlemakovaViktoriaVehicle Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Networks PDFDetails
ProkopovAntonHigh-value Target Detection PDFDetails
RäniErikPrediction Model for Tendencies in Cybersecurity PDFDetails
RebaneRaul-MartinPost-Quantum Secure Time-Stamping PDFDetails
RistikiviAlvarEnsuring the Integrity of Electronic Health Records PDFDetails
RuusRiskoWisdom of the Crowd Vs Reviews of the Experts: A Case Study Regarding Predicting Movie Box-Office Results PDFDetails
SalumaaSten-OliverConvolutional Neural Networks for Cellular Segmentation PDFDetails
SeppAndreasInfinite Procedural Infrastructured World Generation PDF ExtrasDetails
ShahverdiElkhanComparative Evaluation for the Performance of Big Stream Processing Systems PDFDetails
ShapavalRamanSecurity Risk Management for the IoT systems PDFDetails
SiiberMartenSoftware for Improving Reading Speed PDF ExtrasDetails
SingEduardA Meta-Model Driven Method for Establishing Business Process Compliance to GDPR PDF ExtrasDetails
SirgmetsMaritA Visualization Framework for Designing Process Mining Diagrams PDFDetails
SkydanienkoVasylData-aware Synthetic Log Generation for Declarative Process Models PDFDetails
SlobozhanIvanHybrid Recommendation System for Financial Institution PDFDetails
SõgelKristinDistributed Ledger Technology and External Mandatory Reporting in Banking Industry PDFDetails
SoomeToomasPorting and Developing a Boot Loader PDFDetails
SoonbergMaarjaThe Employee-Based Information Security Risks on the Example of the Estonian Literary Museum PDFDetails
Soto VelázquezJesús AntonioSecuring openHAB Smart Home Through User Authentication and Authorization PDFDetails
SukhorukovMaksymA Network Science and Document Similarity based Hybrid Job Recommendation System PDFDetails
TähtMarkoReal-Time Cave Destruction Using 3D Voronoi PDFDetails
TarsSanderMulti-Domain Neural Machine Translation PDFDetails
TättarAndreUnsupervised Machine Translation Using Cross-Lingual N-gram Embeddings PDFDetails
TertychnyiPavloLow-Quality Fingerprint Classification PDF ExtrasDetails
TkachukDmytroComputational Aesthetics and Identification of Working Style PDFDetails
TomaYuriiPredicting the Impact of Non-Coding Genetic Variants on Transcription Factor Binding with Machine Learning PDFDetails
ToramanErdemVisualizing Business Process Deviance With Timeline Diagrams PDFDetails
TyshchenkoYevhenDepression and Anxiety Detection from Blog Posts Data PDFDetails
ValgmaLembitUsable and Sound Static Analysis through its Integration into Automated and Interactive Workflows PDFDetails
VärvaIndrekAutonomy and Efficiency Trade-offs on an Ethereum-Based Real Estate Application PDFDetails
ZaitsevArtemComparison of STS and ArchiMate Risk and Security Overlay PDFDetails
Bachelor (71)
AdamsonAinikaMethod for Predicting Pharmaceutical Dosing Guidelines with Missing Genetic Data PDFDetails
ÄkkeKerstinUsing Mirrors in Computer Game PDF ExtrasDetails
AntoškinVjatšeslavAnalysis of a Metaheuristic for Redistricting PDF ExtrasDetails
AstokHaraldFinding Java Security Vulnerabilities Using Static Analysis: Whence the Problem? PDFDetails
BaumAndreasRule-based Location and Activity Recognition Based on Environmental Sensors PDFDetails
BelinskaMariaWeb Application for Managing Dag University PDFDetails
BelogrivovStanislavWeb Application for Business Parking Lot PDFDetails
HendriksonHelenThe Analysis of MOOC "Introduction to Programming" Exercises Solutions PDFDetails
HünersonGermoComparison of Ethereum and Corda Platforms PDF ExtrasDetails
JaaksonHenri-MartinNutrition Advisor Web Application PDF ExtrasDetails
JannoMadisProcedural Generation of 2D Creatures PDF ExtrasDetails
JuusuJanarWeb Interface for Accelerating IoT Device Provisioning and Configuration at SmartVent PDFDetails
KääpVeikoJava Virtual Machine Multi-debugger Proxy Server PDFDetails
KamblaCardoActivity Recognition in a Home Environment Based on Silhouettes PDFDetails
KattaiKevinComparison of Different Integration Testing Tools by the Example of Playtech PDFDetails
KeršisRichardasPlayer Emotional Behavior Dependency on Fair Video Game Design Factors and External Conditions PDFDetails
KirotarSilverReal-Time Strategy on Platforms Game Design PDF ExtrasDetails
KitseKristjanWhite Noise Environment in VR PDFDetails
KonovalovDaniilAssessing Electronic Health Records Data Compliance with Treatment Guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes PDFDetails
KonovalovaIngaCreating Data Analysis with Pandas Module Themed Study Materials for Programming Courses PDFDetails
KotkasKristenFinal Examinations in Introductory Programming Courses PDFDetails
KriiskJoonasMeasuring Monotonicity in Multiclass Classification PDFDetails
KrjutškovRodionCamera Component for the ESTCube-2 Mission Control System PDFDetails
KuhiJaagupVolumetric Cloud Rendering PDF ExtrasDetails
LallAndrusLab Package: Combinatorial Testing PDF ExtrasDetails
LeegoStevenAn Approach for Evaluating Organizational Data Processing Activities for GDPR Compliance PDF ExtrasDetails
LeemetAlarOmniscient Debugger for Thonny Integrated Development Environment PDFDetails
LiivamägiSilverRunning Tracker – an Android Collaborative Sports Application PDFDetails
LillOliver-MatisBitcoin Scaling with Specialization PDFDetails
LõhmusToomThe Program for Determining the Time Complexity of a Function PDFDetails
MaaroosKarl-JaakAcademic Workload Calculator PDFDetails
MeeksaAndra LauraApplication of Videos in Programming Courses PDFDetails
MoppelJanSocratic Chatbot PDF ExtrasDetails
MõškovskiStanislavA Web-based Framework for the Evaluation of Predictive Process Monitoring Techniques PDFDetails
MuhhinMarkA Set of Exercises for the Subject „Let’s Make Computer Games – Beginning” PDFDetails
NikolajevAleksanderDelta Building Visualisation and Optimisation PDF ExtrasDetails
OjaTiitOptimizing JVM profiling performance for Honest Profiler PDFDetails
OroErvinDelta Updates for ESTCube-2 Onboard Computer Software PDFDetails
ÕunapTed EdwardCreating a Website for Rigor OÜ PDFDetails
PašenkovEdgarStudents' Motivation to Enroll in the Programming MOOC PDFDetails
PatteIngridStudy Habits Observation Diary Graphbook v.2 PDF ExtrasDetails
PetersonMarkusRemote Management of Docker Containers in IoT Devices PDFDetails
PoolakeseAndriHow to Choose Processor for Personal Computer Based on Benchmarking and Testing Games PDF ExtrasDetails
PuuseppKristjanMultipurpose Android Application for Reminders and Expenses Management PDFDetails
PuuseppMihkelCreating Kortos user interface for Tarkvaralabor OÜ PDF ExtrasDetails
RajuHiie-HelenLab Package: Debugging PDFDetails
RandojaRianaLab Package: Automated Web-Application Testing PDFDetails
RaudseppSiimVolumetric Fog Rendering PDF ExtrasDetails
RuusmannLauraConfidence of Gaussian Processes PDFDetails
SaanSimmoProperty-based Testing of Abstract Domains PDFDetails
SaarmannKristiineQuantum-Secure Coin Toss Protocol Using Collapse-Binding Commitments PDFDetails
SaksJanarThe Development of Estonian Texts' Summarizer EstSum PDFDetails
SaveljevElisavetaTeaching Materials on “Bootstrap” (Project “Noored koodi”) PDFDetails
SeppRobertCreation of Automated Tests for Edu Database PDF ExtrasDetails
SheshkoAnnaTeaching Materials about HTML (Project “Noored koodi”) PDFDetails
StoroževMironFinding Sequence of Graceful Graphs Using Parallel Computing PDFDetails
TeesaarEgert GeorgChoosing Appropriate Performance Measure for Binary Clas-sification Problem PDFDetails
TeigarHenryIndoor Localisation Using Received Signal Strength PDFDetails
TõnissooAkoR Based Smart Home Analysis Solutions PDFDetails
TootsAivoTool Support for Privacy-Enhanced Business Process Model and Notation PDFDetails
TšugunovAntonShuriken Way – An Android Puzzle Game PDF ExtrasDetails
UrbanikMadliParticipants’ Mathematics Motivation in MOOC „Introduction to Programming for Students" PDFDetails
UrvikMarianaUser Satisfaction Analysis of Software System KIVIKE PDFDetails
VäljaLauriDangers of Phishing Based on a Tech-Company PDFDetails
van GentJan AareClustering Faces from the National Archives of Estonia PDFDetails
VeromannToomas AleksanderEmbedded Linux-Based Smart Home Gateway PDFDetails
VeskusKarlEthereum versus Fabric – A Comparative Analysis PDFDetails
ViljamaaOliverMeasuring the Effect of User-Perceived Load Metrics on Conversion Rate in the Context of TransferWise PDFDetails
VoitenkoAndreiDelta Building Environment Visualization PDF ExtrasDetails
ŽadanDenisTraffic Tests on the Android Platform PDFDetails
ZimmermannMargretEstimating Type II Diabetes Costs by Using National Health Insurance Bills Data PDFDetails