UT Institute of Computer Science Graduation Theses Registry

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Last name First name Title
Master (113)
AdamsonAinikaAssessment of the Suitability of the Estonian Health Record Data for the Prediction of Ischemic Stroke PDFDetails
AlakbarovIsmatDynamic Analysis of Scratch Projects to Infer Computational Thinking Abilities PDFDetails
AlizadaMansurReal Time vs Micro-batching in Streaming Data Processing: Performance and Guidelines PDFDetails
AmashukeliShotaToward Automatic Construction of Machine Learning Pipelines PDF ExtrasDetails
AruojaMagnarTEKI: an Online Learning Platform for Upper Primary Students PDFDetails
AsgarliGultanResolving Conflicting Stakeholders Emotional Goals in the Requirements Engineering: the Case Study of Facebook Messenger App PDFDetails
AutreyBrandon ChristopherCustomer Journey Analysis at Pipedrive: A Process Mining Approach PDFDetails
BadalovTurkhanSoftware Analytics: Visualization of Source Code Evolution PDFDetails
BakhtinaMariiaSecuring Passenger's Data in Autonomous Vehicles PDFDetails
Bamdad RoshanNavidChange Detection in HD-Maps Using Camera Images for Autonomous Driving PDFDetails
BennettAndrew James DavidExploring Prescriptive Process Mining and Visualisation PDF ExtrasDetails
BoireSébastien René BaptistinCredential Provisioning and Peer Configuration with Extensible Authentication Protocol PDFDetails
BondarenkoVladyslavOpenSZZ - Evaluation and Improvement PDFDetails
ButtZohaib AhmedProgrammatic Perturbation of Business Process Models PDFDetails
DauzhanGaukharMutation Testing for Improving Fault Detection Capability of Unit Tests: A Case Study PDFDetails
DomnichArtemGender Bias in Facial Expression Recognition PDFDetails
EldallalAbdelrhman Elsayed HassanBibRank: Automatic Keyphrase Extraction Platform Using Metadata PDFDetails
EmenikeHilaryExploiting Human-emitted Thermal Radiation PDFDetails
EyvazovSadigLarge RDF Graph Processing on Top of Spark PDFDetails
FarzaliyevValehTowards Practical Post-Quantum Voting Protocol: Shorter Exact Lattice-Based Proof of a Shuffle PDFDetails
FominAnastassiaInformatics Challenge Bebras Results Visualization Tool and Interactive Collection of Tasks PDFDetails
GarayevSoltanScheme Design in Non-Relational Model Database to Migrate Data from Relational Model Database PDF ExtrasDetails
GolubovicDanijelHow AI Is Used in Digital Marketing PDFDetails
GuliyevMusaThe Effects of COVID-19 on Consumption of Animal and Plant-based Food: An Analysis of Twitter Data PDFDetails
GurbanzadeJamilMalicious Android app for Security Testing PDFDetails
HäelmIrinaAnalysis of Refractive Errors and the Prevalence of Ophthalmological Diseases Associated With Them on the Basis of Estonian Health Insurance Fund Medical Data PDFDetails
HälingMariaImproving Operational Processes - A Process Mining Case Study in e-Commerce PDFDetails
HolloKasparExploring the Value of Weakly-Supervised Deep Learning Approaches for Artefact Segmentation in Brightfield Microscopy Images PDFDetails
IlissonMihkelApplication of Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning Methods for Analysing Blood Metabolites PDFDetails
IsmayilovaGunelAdopting Devops Practices: A Case Study PDFDetails
JäeRailiAutomation of Analysis of the Implementation of Additional Risk Minimization Measures for Medicinal Products PDF ExtrasDetails
JapharidzeSophioHigh Availability Deployments at Twilio Flex - a Case Study PDFDetails
JärveojaMihkelFeature Importance in Crop Classification Machine Learning Model PDF ExtrasDetails
JoosepsonAloDigital Transformation and the Role of the Business Analyst PDFDetails
KäärikMartinA Network-Based Model for Television Services Churn Prediction PDFDetails
KäärmannKaidiCommunity-oriented Work of the Estonian Police on Social Media PDFDetails
KallasTiinaTransforming the Test Strategy from a Monolithic Application to Microservices: Arved.ee Case PDFDetails
KarimovAyazBusiness Process Optimization in Online Educational Platforms Within the Scope of Localization and Its Impact on the Learning Experience of Users: Localization of Khan Academy Content Into Azerbaijani PDFDetails
KazimovSaidContinuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for Flutter: A Case Study of Promoty’s Mobile Application PDFDetails
KhanAfsanaSynthetic Sensor Data Generation for Authentic IoT Device Emulation PDFDetails
KinkKarmenClassification of E-Commerce Products Based on Textual Product Descriptions PDFDetails
KirikalAlarComputational Simulation of How Emotions are Processed in Our Brain According to the Theory of Constructed Emotion PDF ExtrasDetails
KittaskClaudiaMetaphor Identification for Estonian PDFDetails
KolesnykovDmytroContinuous Learning for Multilingual Neural Machine Translation PDFDetails
Kruve-ViilAnneliMonte Carlo Tree Search in Designing of High Sensitivity Derivatization Reagents For Mass Spectrometric Analysis PDFDetails
KubrakKaterynaVisualizing Business Process Improvements PDFDetails
KurvitsSiimPrediction Models of Ischemic Stroke Using Deep Neural Networks PDFDetails
KusBurak CanUse of Electronic Identity Documents for Multi-Factor Authentication PDFDetails
LassMattiasPost-Quantum Security Definitions for Relativistic Commitment Protocols PDFDetails
LellVahurThe Development and Conduct of the Practical Elective Course "IoT Solutions" for Upper Secondary Schools at Tartu Jaan Poska Gymnasium PDFDetails
LuikTaaviDesigning a Pharmacogenetic Test as a Medical Software Device PDFDetails
MadissonVahurForecasting and Trading Financial Times Series with LSTM Neural Network PDF ExtrasDetails
MahmoudAhmed Samir ImamThe Secret Life of Hackathon Code PDFDetails
MalinovskiMartinBusiness Analysis on Lending Process Automation PDFDetails
MatsukOlehMulti-speaker Text-to-speech Synthesis in Estonian PDFDetails
MeltsovAlvinPredicting Endometrial Receptivity with Targeted Second Generation Sequencing PDFDetails
MeshkovaAlexandraOpportunity-Driven Business Process Redesign – A Systematic Literature Review PDF ExtrasDetails
MetsareNorbertThird-party Services and Their Usage on the Most Visited Estonian Websites PDFDetails
MetsvahtLaura LiisModelling Interactions Between Traffic and Crosswalk Agents at Unsignalized Crossings PDFDetails
MigriauliLeksoA Systematic Literature Review on Process Discovery Aspects of Process Mining Applied in Industrial Contexts PDFDetails
MoeiniBehradDetecting Semantically Equivalent Issue Reports Using Transformer Models PDFDetails
MuhhinMarkEvolution of Video Games Online Course PDF ExtrasDetails
MulianingtyasOctantyA Microservice-based Platform for Software Technical Debt Analysis PDFDetails
MuratiMirlindConformance Checking of Scrum Practices: A Study of 10 Open-Source Projects PDFDetails
NigolaErgoMDPC Code-Based Constructions and Their Decoding in Post-Quantum Cryptosystems PDFDetails
OlorunsheTemilola EstherRecognition of Phishing Attacks and its Impact: A Case Study PDFDetails
Orav-HinnoSirleAnalysis of Searching for Similar Phrases in Sections of Judgements of the Court of Justice of the European Union Based on CountVectorizer and Word2Vec PDFDetails
OrulaIda MariaThe Process of Creating a Scientific Knowledge Base for Pharmacogenetic Testing PDFDetails
OttAnneReinforcement Learning for Autonomous Navigation: A Case Study in Structured Environment PDFDetails
ÖztürkMustafa OgünEvaluating Maintainability of Android Applications: Mooncascade Case Study PDF ExtrasDetails
PareloAleksanderDevelopment of a Virtual Printer and Print Driver for Print in City PDFDetails
ParveKristinIn-service Training Needs of Informatics Teachers PDFDetails
PassGalinaQuantum Relational Hoare Logic Judgements PDFDetails
PaulSouvikEnergy-efficient Federated Learning for Data Analytics in Fog Network PDFDetails
PerliMeelisRepresentation Learning on Free Text Medical Data PDFDetails
PõdraPriitWeb Tracking in the Most Popular Estonian Websites PDFDetails
PomerantsIndrekAutomation Control System Testing On The Example Of UC20-WL2000-AC PDFDetails
PrinkKertA Dashboard to Visualize The Product Quality Level PDFDetails
Ramos MartínezJuan Carlos JavierQuarser: a Graph-aware JSON-LD Parser PDFDetails
RazaAliExploring Group Mobility PDFDetails
SalumägiTiimDevelopment of Digital Teaching Materials for Teaching Computer Parts at Computer Science Classes at the Second School Level PDFDetails
SanchaniyaHariti AtulkumarCommunication Overhead In Open Source Software Projects PDFDetails
SchihalejevRuthExercises for Levels of Cognitive Domain in the High School Course „Programming“ PDFDetails
SeppEdgarCreating High-Definition Vector Maps for Autonomous Driving PDFDetails
SharmaShefali AjitWaste Identification from Event Logs PDFDetails
ShtymTetianaTraffic Light Detection by Fusing Object Detection and Map Info PDFDetails
ShumHei ChunFutuclass AR PDF ExtrasDetails
ShuylerKatrinA Case Study on Post-editing Machine Translation: Tasks, Challenges, and Attitudes PDFDetails
SiilivaskKatreScrum Framework and its Implementation on the Example of Playtech Estonia OÜ Department PDFDetails
SillaotsKarl - WalterMobile AR Point Cloud Matching PDF ExtrasDetails
SinghAmit KumarAn Exploration Into Business Process Testing (BPT) Inside a Financial Institution PDFDetails
SochynskyiStanislavAutomated Cognitive Distortion Detection and Classification of Reddit Posts Using Machine Learning PDFDetails
SokkJanneTesting Genetic Data Information System in Cypress Framework PDFDetails
StepanyanLilitBusiness Process Redesign Heuristics in The Context of Blockchain-Based Solutions PDFDetails
StoroževMironExploration of Techniques to Visualise Code Quality PDFDetails
StranieriAlessandroAnalysis of the Aperiodic Component in the Mouse Neocortex PDFDetails
SyakirFarhanMultihead Attention Enhanced Memory Augmented Neural Network for Multimodal Trajectory Prediction PDF ExtrasDetails
TeivensMikusAnalysis of Security and Privacy Issues in Common Smart Home Products PDFDetails
ThirumalaiJayavarshiniAn Integrated Approach for Certification and Re-certification Based on the Case Study of an Integrated Circuit PDFDetails
TilloTähe-KaiDoes It Make Sense to Hack Online? – A Multiple Case Study on Team Collaboration in Remote Hackathons PDFDetails
TinnKaarelDeveloping a Course on Teaching Functional Programming in JavaScript PDFDetails
TõnissonVillemAutomatic Description of Music in Natural Estonian PDFDetails
TruuväärtMerilinAdding the Waiting-list Feature to the Estonian National Digital Appointment Scheduling System: a Case Study PDFDetails
UrukovDmytroImproving Microscopy Image Segmentation with Object Detection PDFDetails
UzairMuhammadSoft Computing Techniques For Forest Fires Prediction PDFDetails
van GentJan AareUsing LiDAR as Camera for End-to-End Driving PDFDetails
VeromannToomas AleksanderWYSIWYS Extensions to the Estonian ID Card Browser Signing Architecture PDFDetails
WahabAbdulHackathon Organiser Awareness Dashboard PDFDetails
YousefIbrahim MahdyMining Resource Availability for Data-driven Business Process Simulation PDFDetails
YusifovSabuhiA Web Application Supporting the Full Pipeline of Business Process Deviance Analysis PDFDetails
ZabolotniiDmytroAutomatic Road Boundaries Extraction for High Definition maps PDFDetails
ZaiaevSergeiA Modern CI/CD Pipeline for Cloud Native Applications PDFDetails
ZubairMuhammadA Blockchain Solution for Auditing of Timber-to-Charcoal Process PDFDetails
Bachelor (127)
AhunaAndreGenerating Natural Landscape in Augmented Reality PDF ExtrasDetails
AksliMattiasSIGINT – A Cooperative Puzzle Game on Vertical Wall Panels PDF ExtrasDetails
AndersonSiimStylized 3D Depth of Field PDF ExtrasDetails
AnniloRichardPredicting Respiratory Diseases from Lung Sounds Using Machine Learning PDFDetails
AntsonAlvarThe Creation of a Webstore for Company Emart Auto OÜ PDFDetails
BaraninIngvarGenerating Real Time Adaptive Game Music PDFDetails
BreedisRebekkaComparison of JavaScript User Interface Frameworks PDFDetails
BremenJohanna AngelaUpdating the Robotics Chapter of a Second School Level Digital Textbook PDFDetails
DalbinaLaima AnnaDesign and Development of an Automated Website Test Management Tool at Rocketlab OÜ PDFDetails
DavidMarcEvaluating Applicability of Different COVID-19 Predictive Risk Models on Estonian Health Data PDFDetails
GrossGeoffTeaching Databases in Estonian Secondary Schools PDFDetails
HansenFredModern Systems Monitoring in Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund PDFDetails
HeinlooHannaWebsite for Myself as a Personal Trainer PDFDetails
HlebnikovTõnis HendrikTowards a Knowledge Graph of Internet Memes PDFDetails
HolterKaroliineTeaching Functional Programming in Idris PDFDetails
IllusGeioWi-Fi Positioning System PDF ExtrasDetails
JaalJannoWebsite for Estonian Society of Clinical Oncologists PDFDetails
JaaskaRaunoChatbot for the Delta Centre of the University of Tartu PDFDetails
JukkPilleriinThe Role of Pleiotropy in the Regulation of Gene Expression PDFDetails
KaaslaKaarelEvaluating Slow Feature Analysis on Time-Series Data PDFDetails
KadalippKasparIntegrating LTL-based Conformance Checking into the Process Mining Application RuM PDFDetails
KaimreJoosepTroubleshooters for the Course „Programming“ in the University of Tartu PDFDetails
KallastePeterStudy Materials for Haskell Effect Systems PDFDetails
KallsonJanarCreating a website for Dr. Diana Kirss OÜ PDFDetails
KangurSanderMobile Application for Recognizing Allergens on Food Packages with Text Recognition PDF ExtrasDetails
KäosaarKristoferModernizing an Hunting Oriented Android Application in Kotlin PDFDetails
KarlsonMagnusWebsite Creation for the Estonian Student Satellite Foundation PDFDetails
KattaiRaul ErikImproving Neural Machine Translation Models with Back-translation and Quality Estimation PDFDetails
KevelKristinaHouseplant Care Simulator PDF ExtrasDetails
KipperHenriCreating a Website for Greenest Roofing Solutions PDF ExtrasDetails
KirikalAdrianGlyptics Portrait Generator – Improved Materials PDF ExtrasDetails
KirotarCarolinAnalysis of the Programming Course "Technology from Consumer to Creator" Projects PDFDetails
KlamasAnneliReinforcement Stirrups Drawing Web Application for Eesti Traat PDFDetails
KlaosAveliCreating an Elective Module Introducing Databases for Secondary School PDFDetails
KõivGerliEducational Materials on Content Management Systems PDFDetails
KolbergPeepIdentifying Genes Associated With Atopic Dermatitis Using Genetic Colocalisation PDFDetails
KonksiJan ErikWeb Application for Tracking and Analyzing Personal Portfolio PDFDetails
KõreAndryInterfacing Dibal Self-service Scales with Business Software NOOM PDFDetails
KriiskJan ErikSecurity Analysis of RIA’s Authentication Service TARA PDFDetails
KrusbergSäde MaiCreating a PySimpleGUI Module for a Programming Course “Software Development” Taught in Upper Secondary Schools PDFDetails
KuklaneAnette MariaEffect of Sample Size on Fine Mapping Expression Quantitative Trait Loci in Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines PDFDetails
KullasTarmoApplication for Synchronizing Data Between Erply and Merit Aktiva Software Systems PDFDetails
KüngasKristjan HendrikSimplifying Testing of Services in Estonian Employment Information System PDFDetails
KuningasKristiinaTraining the Best Neural Machine Translation Model for the Estonian-English Language Pair PDFDetails
KutsarGeorg CaiusDeveloping Web-Based Reports to Increase the Effectiveness of Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Using Tableau Software PDFDetails
KüttReneWeb Application for Analysing Thonny Log Files PDFDetails
KuusmannMartenThe Analysis of the Old Website and Creation of a New One for Siivous Puhastus PDFDetails
LaihoHenri HarriRecognition as Navigation in Energy-Based Models PDFDetails
LaisaarSiim TanelCreating an Elective Module “Database Queries” for the Secondary School Level PDFDetails
LättekiviMaitVR Live Stream of Remote-Controlled Racing Cars PDF ExtrasDetails
LebbinRanerEvaluating Static Analyzer Goblint on the Juliet Test Suite PDFDetails
LellepKarl-JonathaniOS Application for Monitoring and Supporting Training in Billiards PDFDetails
LellepRasmusMultilingual Speech Synthesis with Estonian PDFDetails
LeppikRandoCreating a Web Application for Tööleidja PDFDetails
LeppsaluJürgenVoice Assistant Framework for the Estonian Language PDFDetails
LepsonMarielleChanges in Gene Ontology Over Time on the Example of g:Profiler PDFDetails
LiikDel RemiAnalysis and Comparison of Data Stream Implementations in Java Using the Examples of DataStream and ObjectStream PDFDetails
LilloKristinaNoticing and Supporting Gifted Students in Informatics PDFDetails
LõhmusKristjanCollaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithms Performance on an Implicit Feedback Dataset PDFDetails
LompPatrickVisualising Health Trajectories PDFDetails
LoogaKristerGenerating Vector Map Data for Autonomous Driving PDFDetails
LumisteReneCreating a Website for a Company Slothing OÜ PDFDetails
LutsarViido KaurWorld of Warcraft Classic Warrior Simulator PDF ExtrasDetails
LuudHainAn Analysis of the HID® Indala and Seos™ Protocols PDFDetails
MägiKarl MartenModular Static Program Analysis PDFDetails
MägiMaertInteractive Music Visualization in Unreal Engine PDF ExtrasDetails
MaksErik MarcusNavigation Application Input Rendering for a Self-driving Car’s Neural Network PDFDetails
MaranMikkoSource Code Similarity Detector for Checking Programs Submitted by Students PDFDetails
MarranTanelDeveloping a Volleyball Game with an AI Opponent Using Reinforcement Learning PDF ExtrasDetails
MarvetSiim MarkusCollecting Statistics and Security Data on Estonian Domains PDF ExtrasDetails
MatvejevRomanAir-flow Sensing for Applications in Autonomous Driving PDFDetails
MetsandiEgert OttImplementation of Credit Risk Decision Tree Using AWS Step Functions Technology PDFDetails
MihkelsaarMartinDeploying IPv6 Astro Baltics Case Study PDFDetails
MikkoMarkusText-to-Speech Application for Elisa Eesti AS PDFDetails
MittAllanSimulation of Tartu City Centre for Testing Autonomous Vehicles PDF ExtrasDetails
MoroMartenOptimized Signaling for Ultra-high-speed Fiber-optical Communications PDFDetails
MunckMartin PosseltMinimizing the Energy Consumption for Heating: Airforced Systems OÜ Case Study PDFDetails
MurumaaMaria PibilotaAutomatic Description of Music in Natural Estonian Language PDFDetails
NemvaltsSanderAnnotating Line Graphs With Machine Learning PDFDetails
NõmmMartinUsing Commercial-grade LiDAR Sensor for 3D Reconstruction PDF ExtrasDetails
NõuAndersPredicting Stock Return and Volatility with Machine Learning and Econometric Models — A Comparative Case Study of the Baltic Stock Market PDFDetails
OjasaluSiim-MortenDevOps and Its Applicability Study in North Estonia Medical Centre PDFDetails
PaalMagnusVisualizing the Contribution of Datapoints in a Binary Classifier's Loss PDFDetails
PaalPeeterVirtual Reality Headset Study PDF ExtrasDetails
PaanKarelMethodology for Evaluating Similarity in Health Trajectories PDFDetails
PaeMihkelRenewal of Homework in the Basic Course of Programming in the University of Tartu PDF ExtrasDetails
PalutederMortenA Dynamic Automated Scheduling Process for Manufacturing PDFDetails
PilveKarl-JohanTool for Creating High Definition Maps in Lanelet2 format PDFDetails
PitkoSamuel JohannesInput Generation for Array Algorithms PDF ExtrasDetails
PlansMathiasProcedural Generation of Unique Buildings PDF ExtrasDetails
PukkJohan ErikCreating an n-Graph Analyser PDFDetails
PurasonTaidoModular Septilingual Neural Machine Translation PDFDetails
RahulanRistoAutomatic Summarization Based on Temporal Semantic Annotations PDFDetails
RaidKasparDeveloping and Conducting a Workshop on Approval Testing at Proekspert PDFDetails
RaidmaElisabethUX/UI Design e-course for Beginner Level Using Figma Software PDFDetails
RäisMarisCreating a Website for Liina Team Company PDFDetails
RämmanRenetProperty – A Physics Based Platformer Game PDFDetails
RaudFrederikA Ludic Dialogue System for Interactive Fiction PDF ExtrasDetails
RebaneHelena-KrisA Tool for Learning the Correct Usage of Paronyms PDFDetails
RudiEduardHuman-like Speed in Curves PDFDetails
SaarTeetReliable File Transfer for the ESTCube-2 Nanosatellite On-Orbit PDFDetails
SaarnikTaanielAutomatic Detection of Temporal Relations in Text PDFDetails
SaarseKermoCalculating Genetic Correlations Between Diseases Using LD-Score Regression PDFDetails
SaksakulmKarenError Analysis and Solutions of Translation Agencies Grata and Interlex Machine Translation Models PDFDetails
SinilaidEnrihMonitoring and Controlling Smart Home Appliances Using IoT Devices PDFDetails
SõrmusBirgitClustering of Nouns Using the Adjectives that Describe Them PDFDetails
SpitsõnSilverAdding Templates to Blastronaut Game’s Procedural Generator PDF ExtrasDetails
StomakhinFedorWeb-based Toolbox for Interactive 3D Visualization of Neural Recordings PDF ExtrasDetails
SuikOliver-ErikSocial Distancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Web Application for Booking Seats PDFDetails
TaalKarlDevelopment of Digital Textbook for the Course “Introduction to Databases” PDFDetails
TambetsRalfDetermining Genetic Variants Modifying the Activity of the Beta Interferon Signaling Pathway PDFDetails
TammMartenCreating a Website for Company LeapMetric PDFDetails
TammToomasDeltaVR PDF ExtrasDetails
TarelkinErikDeveloping Enemy Movement for Blastronaut Game PDF ExtrasDetails
TarkTriin MirjamWeb Lessons in the University of Tartu After the Emergency Situation According to the Evaluations of Students from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology and the Faculty of Social Sciences PDFDetails
TarsMaaliImproving Translation for Low-resource Finno-Ugric Languages with Neural Machine Translation Models PDFDetails
TederAndreasAutomatic Preprocessing of Speech Corpora’s Audio Files for the Purpose of Speech Synthesis PDFDetails
ToodeMartinVirtual Escape Room at Delta PDF ExtrasDetails
UrmHans-KristjanBrowser Extension for Helping People Learn Estonian Vocabulary PDFDetails
VahePeeterTartu Smart Bike Share Access Cards Authentication Analysis PDFDetails
ValdasArtjomRandom Diagnoses Trajectory Generator PDFDetails
ValgreMagnusTracking And Privacy: The Case of News Site Delfi PDFDetails
VanaKarl ToomasVisualising Jira Data for Planning Accuracy PDFDetails
VeidenbergPärtTranslation Application for Multi-language Support PDFDetails
VeltmannArnoldInformatics Studies from Grades 4 to 9 Based on the Example of Tartu County Schools PDFDetails
ViilAlexAn Interactive Abstract Interpreter for IntelliJ IDEA PDFDetails
ZuppurHainCreating a Voice Conversion Model for Estonian PDFDetails